which eye brow ranking first?3 effective eye brow

By Sara

which eye brow ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective eye brow !


Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel

Review by roxiblue: I absolutely love this stuff. After going through Sephora and checking out their brow grooming stuff, I couldn't find one that I find worth shelling the money for. I bought this for 3.99 and it works wonder on my brows! All I do is slight fill them with some light brow pencils. Gives me that natural defined look to my brows. I'm not into the whole fake drawn-in brow look. I'm Asian and my eyebrows, like my hair, is fine and super straight. Without this stuff, my eyebrows just have no shape and they just droop. I've tried Ulta eyebrow gel and this by far holds my eyebrows in shape longer; it also costs less! I've been using this for a while. I love it.

Review by pulidobl: This works as well as any other brow-gel. I bought this after I noticed a sharp decline in clear mascaras. Holds well, not a stiff hold, and there is one interesting perk. It's scented! It has this fruity type of smell, which is odd for brow product. It is not offensive though. I see it as a nice bonus. When I run out, I will buy this again. :D

Review by Sybil84: I didn't really know what this was for, my brow don't move a lot but I thought I'd try this anyway. It doesn't crisp your brows, but it's don't completely firm so it just coats the brows with a fruity shampoo smell. I won't repurchase because I don't think there would be a huge difference if didn't use this.

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Canmake Liquid Eyebrow

Review by shimmering: I am one girl with very sparse eye brows and anything i use; powders, cream, shadows; they all dun last and they just rub off on my oily skin. This is a complete wonder! Very light colour for natural look, very resistant to rubbing or sweat... OMG this is the HG of my eyebrow pencils!!!
Very Budget price and was initially afraid being liquid it will dry up, but using it for almost 4 months and still drawing strong!

Review by funkybabe: Great product! Initially i hesitated to buy this as it looks like a marker; was afraid it'll look like doodles on my face, but it looks really natural. :) stays well too! Would repurchase if neccessary!

Review by amystar: Agree withe everyone! Waterproof, NATURAL and cheap! One thing I wish it would change is the tip. After using it a while, the tip went soft and it doesn't give me as precise control that I like~ but still~ wicked stuff!

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MAC Eyebrows Crayon in Spiked

Review by oneofmylies99: Definitely HG! I don't know why it took me so long to try this pencil. I guess I was being cheap (tried almost every single drugstore eyebrow pencil - didn't like any of them!) I used to use powder but switched to a pencil because it was much faster and easier to apply. This pencil fills my brows in perfectly and the colour is a perfect match. My dark brown/black eyebrows look so natural! My only complaint is the packaging because once you turn the pencil for more product, you can't twist it the other way if you turned too much. But that's really a minor thing. Overall, this is my HG eyebrow product. Will definitely re-purchase!

Review by bebejacket: Dears, I'm on my third eyebrow crayon! It's really fantastic. It has awesome standing power. It goes on naturally, but if you apply too dark in a spot, it smudges nicely with a q-tip. It's clean and easy to use, since it twists up to get out.

Review by IMAproductwhore: Practical packaging, right tint, long staying power ,what else should i ask for? I have lots of gaps in my brows because i used to tease them all the time. The pencil is soo easy to use and stays for hours. Amazing product, i purchased twice and will do for third time as well..

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