which eye brow ranking first?3 best eye brow

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By Elena

which eye brow ranking first?Let's see the 3 best eye brow !


NYX Eyebrow Shaper

Review by mz654: My brows tend to look droopy (I really don't like trimming them) if I don't set it with something. I love how convenient this pencil is.
A quick swipe with this has them looking so much neater, and they'll stay put throughout the day. Brow powders stick to it very well. It doesn't look shiny or feel greasy at all. Looks very natural. No detectable smell. And the consistency is perfect! I was worried it would be too soft and leave a clumpy mess, or be too stiff and hard to apply, but it's just right.
The pencil is about 3.5 inches long and almost a half inch wide. So there's quite a bit of product. I got this for about 8 on eBay. The NYX website lists it as 8.75.
Reasonable price. Good quality. Highly recommended!

Review by shelby1123: For years, I used clear mascara on my eyebrows to give them a polished look. Wanted to try Anastasia product, but didn't want to spend the money. Found NYX eyebrow shaper at local grocery store and have really liked how it keeps brows in place. Highly recommended.

Review by i_darling: I've been looking for an eyebrow wax like this! I have brows that just want to go everywhere and with this they stay put! Other pencils and kits have a tiny little area with wax that's never enough and so I usually run out of wax instead of powder or pencil. This is worth it!

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Lancome Le crayon sourcils

Review by dontblink15: I really like this eyebrow pencil. It applies for a natural finish and I find that one pencil lasts me for AGES! So even if it is expensive, it ends up being quite economical.

Review by pinktulip: exp but worth . color goes on nicely and stays on the whole day the brush on the other end is wonderful and really helps give a natural look.

Review by Vaniessa: I am lovin' this pencil! I've been using Mary Kay's eyebrow pencil for many years and although it's the best shade I've found in a pencil for my almost non-existent brows, it still gives me that pencily eyebrow look most of the time. I have not had much luck with powder alone because they just don't seem to show up well and my brows are never even. So I've been using both and it takes forever to make my brows look right. Yes, I've tried stencils, they don't me help much. This gives me the control of a pencil for shaping with a more natural look of powder to fill in. The brush on the other end is another plus, no fumbling around for another tool to finish your brows. Great lasting power, stays put all day. It runs about 20 or so but I found one on ebay for 10, so that ain't bad!! The shade I use is Blonde - light brown and the perfect shade. Will definitely repurchase.

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Laura Mercier Brunette eyebrow pencil

Review by kimby83: WOW! Double WOW!!!!!!
I have been using, BB Mahogany shadow as my brow/filler/liner for years I just got so sick of, wetting the brow brush, dipping in the shadow. Making sure the depth of the shadow matched, on each brow. It just got to be, such a huge pain in my Tush!
LM's Brunette eyebrow pencil, is Amazing. I can use a light, or heavy hand where needed. It fills in so nice. I can also draw in, the higher arch I Love, but recently waxed away on accident.
When you look at the pencil, you think how can this match? It looks odd, for brunette. Looks can be deceiving. This matched/blended right in. No harsh pencil lines, no 70's drawn in look. My brows have Never looked so Good!
LM's Brunette eyebrow pencil, is now my HG!!!!! LOVE IT!

Review by vengland: This gets a 5 because:
What it claims:
This smooth, blendable pencil has a triangular shape that provides excellent grip for even, accurate application and definition.
1. Blendable / Lasts the whole day
2. Easy to use
3. Lasted me one whole year which is magnificent
4. Comes with a sharpener so that's a +
5. Errors can easily be fixed.
Overall: This is a great for defining the brows. If applied lightly only where desired/needed, it is very natural. Depending on how you apply it, it's the result that matters and this does a wonderful job.
Tip: Use a light hand as it is creamy for a natural brow.

Review by dxgirly: Very weel done. This is a great eye brow pencil which allows for even and easy application. Color stays in place and the shades are natural and not too much.

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