which eye brow is good?3 top eye brow

By Helen

which eye brow is good?Let's see the 3 top eye brow !


Revlon Brow Fantasy

Review by fuxxy: I buy this as well as another powder for my brows. I alternate in between the two. I use brown as they do not make auburn even though I really wish they did. My hair is dark enough the brown looks very natural. I have been using this for a few years and will keep using it. It lasts all day and I particularly love the mascara like brush. I do not have to fill in my brows much. My problem is they needed to be darker so I could actually tell I had brows. My problem was solved with this product.

Review by taskeeng: GREAT product. I own this in dark blonde, but I have light to medium brown hair.
The colour is not too brown as my brows are a little greyer than normal and the pencil works wonders. I have sparse brows and I've tried around 8 different eyebrow products (pencils and powders) and this is my favourite so far.
I do really wish i could get just the crayon, the gel is okay but since i bought dark blonde its a litte light for me oddly.
EDIT: I still like this, but my HG is the Lancome poudre eyebrow pencil, the texture is AMAZING. So now I use the revlon one on lying in bed/random errands days.

Review by blyss: I didn't like this product...

My brow hairs have always been unruly, but usually I just tamed them with watered-down gel and plucking. But since I dyed my hair a darker color recently, I figured I would use this to tint my brow the same color as my hair and keep my hair in place.

Kill two birds with one stone, right? Wrong. This product was a messy hassle for me. The pencil end was too soft, and chunks of product stuck to my hairs.

The gel was a failure as well. It got my hopes up by being easy to apply and looking glossy upon initial application, only to turn into a bizarre matte-gray mess that flaked everywhere.

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Prestige Browliner in Blond

Review by Alexis: This is my HG of eyebrow pencils. It's so difficult to find a blonde/light brown eye pencil that doesn't have any red it and this one is perfect for my dark ash blonde hair - add to that the price being around 3, and it couldn't get much better.

Review by Erin: Great color for my dark blond brows. Not orange-y like some other brow pencils can get. Very inexpensive as well. I don't use anything else on my brows but this!

Review by misswillow: I've been using this browliner for years, and it's always been great! It stays in place all day, even in humid weather. And the little brush on the cap blends it together so well. It's the perfect color for redheads!

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Tarte emphasEYES Brow high definition brow pencil

Review by Cordelia: I got this direct from Tarte's website right when it came out, not expecting to be impressed at all really. I had just lost my Shu brow pencil which was my HG, but that was before I tried this. I got the taupe shade and it is perfect for me. Hands down, this is the most natural looking brow filler I have ever come across. It lasts all day through heat and humidity. The only thing I wish was different about the product is that I wish the pencil was the entire the length of the tube, instead of having that brush on the other end. It's hard to tell how long this will last too since you can't see what remains.
All in all though, this is a WINNER. I don't leave home without it and have already bought back ups.

Review by askewchick: Received this as a deluxe sample from Sephora, and I love it!! Great staying power, easy to apply with precision. Taupe was a lucky colour choice, it works well with my dark ash blonde hair. I would buy it after using up my free one.

Review by Leelee57: This is my favorite brow product. The pencil is automatic with the smallest tip I have found. I am a red-head and use it in Taupe. It mimics brow hair perfectly and fills in my sparse areas. It looks natural, it lasts all day. What more can you ask for?

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