which eye brow is good?3 best eye brow

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By Stella

which eye brow is good?Let's see the 3 best eye brow !


Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils

Review by Farra: I initially tried these years ago and they were enormous and didn't work for me. Recently, I was looking for something similar and ended up spending ridiculous money on the Anastasia stencils and returned them because they were so awful I don't know where to begin. Thought I'd give the Ardell another shot a decade later lol after reading the reviews on here and was pleasantly surprised. They've clearly improved them. They are smaller and have a variety of shapes.. um..oh yeah and they're only like 5 !!! Compared to Anastasia's ginormous 25 ones that come in one awful "C" shape (incidentally, the word "Clown" starts with the letter C.. coincidence?), only in different thickness.

Review by roxiblue: This little pack of 4 stencils is a great buy. It comes with four different shapes, Glamarous, Elegant, Delicate and Classic. The only one that really works for my brows is Elegant. I just outline my eyebrows in white eyeliner---and if I don't have that, I just put concealer over my brows, then tweeze away at the hairs outside the line. I do like to leave my eyebrows a little longer then the stencil shows. They are a bit big, but nothing a pair of scissors can't handle. Great buy for a little price! :)

Review by Chloeclover: After going to ULTA and having a look at the Anastasia 20 eyebrow stencils I decided that I was NOT going to spend that much money on plastic cutouts. I also remembered that once I had seen something like them in a drugstore before. I found them at CVS last night and I am very happy with them! My favorite is 'Delicate' as that's what works for me best and looks natural, but sometime I might try another! No this product won't be perfect on EVERYONE but most people will be able to find one stencil that works for them.

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Christian Dior Powder brow pencil

Review by edie4711: Awesome Brow pencil. Convenience of a pencil, but the polished look of a powder. I have it in Brown and the colormatch is beautiful, yet it doesn't overpower my eyes vice other pencils and powders I have tried. it's not too dark, yet very soft to the eye. Great must have for on the go. Update: This has too much red in it and I tried Giorgio Armani Pencil #2 and it is a soft brown without any red, It is nice and golden that can work with blonde, brunnette, and black eyebrows for a soft look. My new HG Brow pencil

Review by moth: This is the ONLY brow pencil that I can truely say has earned it's way as a holy grail item, it not only fills in, but looks so natural, not inked on, wich is hard for me, as I have blacker than black brows, all in all I would definately say this is the best I have used, and I have used everything under the sun:)

Review by lipstickcrazy: i love this pencil... been using it for at least 6 months now and it seems to last a while. i have oily skin and it does last throughout the day (as long as u don't rub it off or something). i have black hair, but bought the brown pencil and it looks very natural. i like to use the brush that's attached on the other end to blend for a more natural look.

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Physicians Formula Wonder Brow in Medium Brown

Review by liselise1: I am pretty sure this is the shade I have. All the words were rubbed off in a week. A great product, however. I will also say, do not loose the cap. Mine was missing for a day, and it really drys out. Still works fine, but broke in the middle, from being dry I am sure. HG!

Review by cosmokid: Mine was 3-something at Ulta! I'm hoping they're not doing away with this because they only had a few there, and with the price being 1/2 off...was a little concerned. At any rate - I love this stuff. I'm very happy - the Medium Brown is a much softer color for me and my hair color than the Dark Brown I used previously.
This is really great stuff.

Review by cperry: This is so weird. I've been browsing through reviews in the last few days. Had not read this review, but had picked this product up at Target. I could not believe how perfect this pencil was. It gives you that penciled in look in a good and natural looking way. No clumping and the color is perfect.
So anyway after reading the review I was glad to see we all agree.

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