which concealers ranking first?3 recommended concealers

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By Vicky

which concealers ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended concealers !


Covermark Classic Covermark Concealer

Review by Farra: I have the Covermark in Pale Beige. Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Beeswax, Talc, Magnesium, Carbonate, Iron Oxides, Propylparaben, fragrance 1-800-524-1120
In spite of my hesitation at the standard 'nasties' contained in this product, that many potential consumers may have difficulties with (like Mineral Oil and parabens), nothing covers quite like this. This needs a lot of blending, but is highly effective on scars. I've also used it in a job interview - and I got the job - and it was very effective. Nothing covers like this!. I probably would re-buy, if I ever ran out, but I doubt that I'll run out anytime soon. I have numerous surgical scars, from head to foot, and this classic covers it all!.

Review by lipstickcrazy: I thought this product was discontinued. I used it for years and loved it. It covered my dark circles and brightened and stayed on all day, nor was it thick, although you have to have a light hand an make sure to moisturize. The pot lasts forever. When I couldn't get it any longer, I started using Dior's long lasting in #430. Although that didn't cover as well, the color was right and I could build. I bought a bunch of tubes when they discontinued that. I have finished those tubes and I am on the hunt for a good concealer, however, the ones I tried I didn't like. It was so good to hear they still make Covermark. Going to buy some now!

Review by sophie_tan: I just bought this based on the recommendation of the prior reviewer. She was kind enough to notice my not so hot review of another concealer (Aucoin/SSE) and took the time to send me an email about this one. I ordered it at Covermark online (the customer service and help with color selection was totally great)! This is the BEST concealer I have ever used......doesn't cake, goes on smooth and easy, but really CONCEALS (at last a concealer that does what it says). It lasts all day without looking heavy, either. I have a few persistent almost impossible to cover dark spots, some rosacea and some broken capillaries, but I look 100% flawless after applying this. It goes on great with fingers or with a concealer brush. My new fav concealer!!!!!!!!!! Definitely recommend and will rebuy!

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Tarte Maracuja creaseless concealer

Review by kitkat85: As most of the other reviewers, I got this in a QVC set. I was least excited about the Maracuja concealer because I have been faithful to the Kat Von D tattoo concealer. Let's just say this is the only product I ended up using from the kit every single day. The color blends so beautifully into my skin and stays all day. The best part about this concealer is that it keeps your skin looking fresh and a bit dewy rather than matte, so it looks like your real skin. The only qualm I have with this is the applicator tip. I have to squeeze the tube so hard for any product to come out. Besides that, this is a flawless product.

Review by lmharte: I don't see how I'll ever run out of this stuff. I don't have concealers like this so I can't compare but I do have quite a bit in general. I use this under the eye, which is what I think it is made for, but I do also dab it on blemishes. I think concealers should be versatile. It is thick and very concentrated which I find makes it such a great value and versatile. Because of this I like to put it over eye primers as a sticky base, similar to a skin tone paintpot. It is not matte, which looks more natural. I literally use a dot on my ring finger rub my two fingers together and dab. I find that works the best. I don't use a brush for it, but I definitely set/blend it out with a powder. I am really happy I purchased it and it really stands out to me more than my other concealers.

Review by Springncts: I ordered the light and it is a great color match to my fairly light skin. As other reviewers said, this product has many pros:
thick consistency
a little goes a long way
good color match
covers blemishes well
stays put
natural ingredients
This has replaced all my old concealers.

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Christian Dior Anticerne Concealer

Review by labelslut: Really great concealer! they just need to make more colours, i found that the lightest shade is a bit too light ( the 410) and the next one up was just a tad too dark! ( the 430) I think the darker one may be ok for when i get a touch of colour, as that is all i tend to get in the summer, but for winter, i may have to find a different concealer! This covers very well, doesnt get cakey, and goes on very smoothly. I actually found the price to be decent considering the amount you get is actually quite good. As for packaging, its a pretty standard tube, but much better than the wand variety, because you dont have to double dip, and contaminate your product, which reduces the longevity of the product. Anyways, so far my HG concealer, it does its job very well, they just need a shade or two more so it will be for a wider variety of skin tones!

Review by lorrainer07: I have been using this product for more than a year, I recommend it to everyone. I use it not only as a under-eye concealer, but also I apply it to all my face and everyone keeps asking me what foundation I use. It is perfect.

Review by edie4711: This is a really bad concealer. Rant! And it was so expensive. :(
First: the color choice is bad.
Second: it doesn't cover anything: not pimples, nothing in they eye area neither.
Third: it's very small, it looks like a very little l/s and it breaks very easily.
Why did I have to buy this? :(
(and I normally like Dior!)

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