which concealers ranking first?3 good concealers

By Sara

which concealers ranking first?Let's see the 3 good concealers !


Versace Concealer and Highlighter

Review by isabellet: What can I add to the review below? Not much as I totally agree with her. I must say that in general I like Versace make up very much. It looks wonderful, smells nice and is so different from other brands.
Both the concealer and highlighter work very well and it's so easy to have this in your handbag instead of 2 different products. Will definitely buy again.

Review by kimby83: I received this in a swap and I must say it's pretty nice. The concealer covers well, blends easily and is not oily or anything. The highlighter is a nice flattering shade...my only complaint is that it's in cream form..I prefer powder. Either way, it blends easy and brightens the eye area. Not sure if I would purchase as I know that this is pretty expensive.

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Ben Nye Mellow Yellow concealer

Review by bekkbekk1985: Good pigment and really stays on because of its dry texture, but it's too dry and cakey for use as an undereye concealer, at least for me, (slightly dry skin and fine lines the eyes). However, I find it great as a concealer for blemishes or dark spots on the rest of the my face, because the shade blends very well with my skin tone (I use Mellow Yellow Normal and my skin tone is approximately MAC NC 35-NC 40), and, if I put a bit of powder over the spots I cover, the coverage stays put all day. Will probably last for years since I need to use very little product to cover the blemishes on my face.

Review by mashafromrussia: I have this as part of the 12-color concealer palette. a super product for tired eyes-like benefit's lemon-aid but way, way cheaper. Opaque, but not heavy feeling.

Review by auth: This is the perfect concealer, but not for me. It covers dark marks and lasts for a long time. However my skin can be oily at times, and this seems to be an oil based cosmetic. At the end of 5 hours my face looked like an oil slick. If you have dry skin with dark imperfections, this is for you.

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Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer

Review by stephanie32082: Pricing: 21 (Kind of high)
Packaging: OK. Decently large tube. But the top gets caked with concealer and product. Can be a bit messy squeezing it out and then put the lid on, etc.
Overall: Color is pretty good, there are ton to choose from to find your match.
Staying Power (last a good bit of the day), color options, thickness, coverage,
doesnt break my out, good for acne prone skin
Messy Tube
Doesn't Stay on ALL Day

Review by ahappyplace: What can I say that hasnt already been said about this? Its amazingggg for undereyes!! Covers so well and doesnt get all cakey! Smoothes everything out and looks so nice. A teeny tiny bit goes a long way to this tube is gonna last me years! A must have for undereyes.

Review by Suzy_h: I have fairly dark undereye circles (genetic) and pretty light skin. I bought this concealer in shade #1. This was my first try with a more high-end concealer because I'm just not having luck with the drug store brands in covering up my circles with a texture that remains nice throughout the day.
I like the squeeze tube aspect of this concealer and the color looks nice when I initially put it on. The coverage is fairly thin and seems to take a couple of applications (even when wearing primer) to do any good. Also, I found that as it dries, it looks chalky, the color takes on a more noticeable yellow tone, and it settles into the fine lines under my eyes (again, even with the Smashbox primer on!)
Sigh...guess it's back to the sample counter for me!

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