which concealers is the best?3 good concealers

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By Helen

which concealers is the best?Let's see the 3 good concealers !


Lily Lolo Cover Up in Blush Away

Review by AutumnBliss: PROS:
- It's a sort of olive tone, a green with yellow undertones, which makes it looks more skinlike so it doesn't show up under foundation or make you look ill.
- Doesn't break out or irritate my senstive acne-prone skin.
- Can be applied with a regular concealer brush like how you would apply cream/liquid concealer for a fuller coverage, or blended in with a fluffy eyeshadow brush (like a MAC 224) for a sheerer natural coverage.
- Actually does conceal redness!
- Cheap, and a large amount of product. I've been using it for 4 years, and I'm only just on my 3rd pot.
- Um... NONE!

Review by Alexis: This is a great colour corrector. It really cancels out the redness of acne well. But make sure to cover it up or blend well or you'll look really bizarre with green on your face! I wouldn't recommend this to people with dry skin because it can feel a bit drying and it is a powder concealer. Also, if you have like small pimples or a bit of redness I don't think you really need this. A regular concealer or even foundation can usually cover that adequately enough.

Review by ckgurl714: This is the only powdered green correcting concealer i've used and it's better than the liquid version I got from '17' at Boots stores which tends to cake and the colour doesn't suit my redness (it's more fresh mint green than Lily Lolo's cool dull green)
I have a bit of redness around my nose, cheeks and my spots and tried using normal concealer for them, it did conceal to an extent but it didn't get rid of the redness, normal concealers just makes it orangey or peachy patches around my face.
After using Lily Lolo's 'blush Away' the redness completely disappears! Also because it's mineral foundation you can apply as lightly as you like or you can build up layers if you have extremely red areas. I also found this shade of mint-ish green to be the best colour corrector for my redness, I have light asian skin-tone.

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Prada Reviving Concealer for Eyes in Light

Review by mielr: For 10 from TJ Maxx, this is a very satisfying product. I may be swayed by the brand and the packaging, though! This concealer is light and fluffy - if you don't need much undereye coverage, this may be the concealer for you. It sunk right in and didn't leave a greasy residue behind; good if you wear eye makeup like I do. I would only repurchase if I ran out and found it deeply discounted again.

Review by Jennybear: I have to agree at full retail this is not worth the price of admission.
However, I was glad to find it at TJMaxx for 10 to give it a try.
While effective and goes on easily and smooth, it's not a must have for me mainly due to the price and the amount you receive for that price.

Review by nina: REVIVING CONCEALER EYE /TINT/: LIGHT. Yet another dissapointment by Prada in their skincare line. Where should I begin? Same problem as with their tinted moisturizer (see review), it doesn't stay on!!!!!! No converage what so ever! I am currently using it on my face because it has the consistency and provides the coverage that the tinted moisturizer should have! I've just about had it with this line. (Read review on Moisturizer .. and lip balm (I've bought them in every shade).

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Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer

Review by blacklittlepig: WOW - the coverage on this stuff is great. I apply with a concealer brush and it really does a nice job. It stays on all day. It blends well. It smells pleasant. The bottle is the best concealer bottle I've had. A teeny tiny bit goes a LONG way. This will last me years... it will probably go bad before I use it all. My favorite use for it is to cover uner-eye circles.
However, I have noticed that it gets a little grainy looking by the end of the day. Also, I have been using the fantastic Monistat Anti-Chaffing Gel as a primer and let me tell you - this concealer does NOT mix well with that stuff. Just horrible. So, it's one or the other.
I do find it slightly odd but pleasant that this smells like frosting.

Review by shimmering: This product really sucks! Did nothing for my under eye circles except make it look like i have wrinkles, and it only came in 3 colours. It cost 32 dollars after tax, and let me tell you, i have an 8 dollar maybelline concealer that does a better job than this over priced shit. Will DEFINITELY be returning this product.

Review by stellaluna2: I *love* this concealer! A 4 lippie rating from me on a concealer is saying a lot! (of course, it's just my opinion) I can only really think of maybe 2 or 3 concealers that work for my skin as good maybe-possibly-slightly better than this. I think the reviewers below pretty much summed up everything i would have said about it so i won't bother. (P.S. The nude shade matched my NC30 very nicely)

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