which candles is good?3 best candles

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By Vicky

which candles is good?Let's see the 3 best candles !


Tocca Candle in Pushkar

Review by kimby83: I was so excited when I found a local retailer who sold Tocca candles, I asked her to order this one for me. My mom adores this one... she keeps asking what it's called and pushing her nose as close to it as possible. I wish I shared her enthusiasm. It's nice, but doesn't smell distinctly enough like any one thing -- or even a blend of things -- to make my candle-loving heart skip a beat. Having said that, it's a warm, woodsy (but not smoke-y) fragrance; it has a soft balsamic quality. Reminds me a bit of Revlon Flex, but much more muted. The throw is not as strong as other Tocca candles.

Review by Bonnie2842: This is an amazing candle. I fell in love on first sniff. It is very earthy and woody. I definitely can smell vetiver in it, which I adore. The scent throw is fantastic, my entire room was permeated within moments of lighting. Burn time is 60 hours. I would definitely repurchase this!

Review by angelchan: Tocca Pushkar along with Sofia are my favorite candles.
Pushkar is deep and resinous, woody and smells of oud.
To me, it is 10 Corso Como in candle form.
This one is not sweet......some may consider it to smell masculine....
The candle has good throw, burns cleanly and the packaging is lovely.
If you are a fan of 10 Corso Como, you will love Tocca Pushkar.

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Laughing Out Loud Red Current

Review by CancerianPrincess: I got these in the heart tarts and they have a good enough through to scent my guestroom where I burn them. Smells like a true red currant smell - a lot like the SB lotion. The scent is certainly noticeable - my husband commented "on that tart you are burning". A great tart if you like the tart red currant smell!

Review by cweiss: I love the smell of red current and this tart is a really true tangy red current scent. The throw was a little weaker than the other LOL heart tarts I have, so I threw two in (I usually just use one and throw in a second after the throw from the first starts to lessen) and then it was really strong. A potential HG for hard-core red current lovers.

Review by AimeeO: This is my favorite LOL scent. The perfect tangy citrus scent. I highly recommend it. Great throw but not too over powering, this will become a staple for me.

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Laughing Out Loud Flapjacks

Review by Springncts: Ok, this scent is SO real, that it's unreal if that makes any sense lol. It's amazing how much this actually smells like pancakes with maple syrup! This is one of my favorite scents from LOL and has a really strong throw too.Sometimes I will melt half of a Flapjacks tart with half of a Bluberry Muffin or one of the banana scents. This would also probably be good with an almond or pecan scented tart or even chocolate. If you love the smell of pancakes, give this a try. You won't be disappointed.

Review by mz654: This one smells just like hotcakes! I got it in the bundt and she put these cute little blueberries on it...how adorable!

Review by Keva: I like this scent a lot. It definitely has true notes of maple syrup and pancake. There is just some mild undertone that always hints of "grease" to me. Maybe it's the butter note? I'm not sure, but I've noticed I can't burn this tart very long or it doesn't agree with me. But if I just let it go for an hour and then blow it out, it leaves the house smelling delicious for a long time.

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