which bronzers ranking first?3 recommended bronzers

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By Stella

which bronzers ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended bronzers !


Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Shimmering body oil

Review by Jessimau: it comes in a heavy glass bottle....which looks pretty, but its hard to get the product out. the smell isnt the best. i personally dont really like it, but its not overwhelming and it seems to fade. there is shimmer in this but its subtle, and it mostly gives a glowing effect. enchances skin color and tan. rubbs of on clothes minimally and its very blendable.
during the Hot and very humid days (nyc) it tends to feel a little icky and sticky on the skin.
i wouldnt repurchase because of the scent and the fact that to me it looks a little orangey on the skin.
great for legs!

Review by tetrakis: this is a pretty good product. i like using oils to moisturize and this especially caught my eye because of the gorgeous golden color to it. it smells nice and absorbs well leaving my skin nice and soft. the glow is subtle but sexy on any skin tone. usually i am very tan, im always outside in the summer and i usually go tanning every now and then in the winter so this enhances tan skin nicely. however, this year i havnt been in the sun much and i havnt gone tanning at all this winter. (mind you, i am italian and even when i am pale, im never really fair or white, as i always have a slight olive undertone). this oil still gives my lighter tone a sexy hint of bronze shimmer as well without looking orange or fake. the stuff lasts a LONG time too, you really dont need much and you get a good amount in the pretty bottle.
overall, it is a good product although, i could live without it.

Review by nina: I bought this as a cheaper alternative to NARS Body Glow. Love the price, scent, and lovely bronze color. Will definitely repurchase.

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Urban Decay Baked Bronzer

Review by mulhollanddrive: First off, this is for the toasted bronzer, which comes in a silver tin. I just started using this bronzer this year and I really like it. I never thought I could actually use a bronzer cause I'm a pretty pale individual, but this actually looks nice on my skin (in moderation lol) It doesn't seem to make my sensitive skin break out, and it ads a nice healthy look to my skin (cheeks, nose, forehead and chin w/a large powder brush gives a nice finish). The only thing I don't like is that the tone can be really orange if you overdo it. I also don't really care for the shimmer in it, but I tend to like matte products on my face anyway. (If you like shimmer, this one is really nice and not tacky or chunky at all) On the up side, I love that it is baked which makes it really fine and not heavy in any way! I would definitely but this again if I can't find a really matte bronzer that I like.

Review by kitkat85: I love this bronzer, it never looks fake or goes on too dark. It's the best bronzer out there!

Review by tippygirl: This product was good for when I was younger and wanted that really tanned face look. It does do a good job, but I did find it made my cheeks break out a bit. the packaging when I bought it, which was about 6 years ago, the plastic piece which shows you the color, came out and from then on the product made a mess out of my makeup bag. I think it lasts a really long time, and would recommend it for those of you who want a shimmery bronze look and who don't have sensitive skin.

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Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer

Review by isabellet: best bronzer i have ever used!! the color is natural and buildable on my light med aisan skin. makes my face looks glowy and soft not flat and harsh like many even HE bronzers..i got the light it is mistake proof as i tend to apply everything heavy not sure why so i must use very natural looking colors...it was BOGO so i got the med too but wish i wud have just gotten another light back up as the med makes my face look a lil too dark and fakey when i get into better lighting ..Oh well i will def buy again..love the 50 spf too another reason to go lighter and just appply more ha!!

Review by Cristy1970: I am around NC25 and bought this shade in medium. If i want to contour, i grab a fluffy angled brush. If i want to use it as a setting powder, it's a bit dark for my skin color, but i just grab a large fluffy brush so the color can be dusted on. Denser brushes pick up more product.
I love how this is multi purpose! The quality of the powder itself is good- it is very fine, and you only need a dab or two with your brush to pick up color. It looks great on the skin, very natural and matte on the face.
I also love how this has a high spf, perfect for summer! I like to apply spf year-round though, so i may get this in light for winter time as medium is a bit too dark for all sale.
As for the price, I got this for buy one get one free, plus an additional 5 off! The retail price is a little steep, so i recommend getting this on sale! Try it out!

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: O.k. let me say when i first opened the bronzer i was scared it would be too light. But like other reviewers said it applies much darker to the skin and you can build the color. This bronzer looks very natural and matte. I got medium for my fair to medium complexion. Plus, i brought mines during a BOGO sale so i saved alot of money.

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