which bronzers ranking first?3 effective bronzerss

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By Monica

which bronzers ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective bronzerss !


Prescriptives Sunsheen Bronzing Trio in Medium

Review by mielr: A wonderful shimmery bronzer. It has 3 shades- light, medium and dark in one compact that you swirl together. I use this with my prescriptives bronzing brush(skunk style). The shade can be adjusted with the control of the hand. I apply the lightest color as a highlighter at top of cheeks to create cheekbones. I also use this product to contour. The color is beautiful-what a bronzer should look like-not orange. I am NC30 and the rep recommended the medium shade saying the lightest shade won't show up on me. I believe the bronzer comes in 3 different shades-light, medium, and dark. My sister, who has a darker olive complexion, tried my bronzer and it looked fantastic on her, too. The compact is fairly large and round-makes it easier to get product on brush and swirl it around. I would purchase it again.

Review by ckgurl714: Other than J.Lo's bronzer that came with my Miami Glow perfume, this is the best bronzer I have ever used. I'm an NC43/44 in MAC and this bronzer looks perfect on my yellow undertoned skin. It gives a bronzing, yet golden effect; not too red...not too yellow. I LOVE IT!!

Review by kitten75: I'm very light and was planning on getting the light one of this bronzer but got the medium after I tried them on. These bronzers are actually very sheer so the medium actually works for me (the light barely showed up on my skin). This looks very natural on me, but it's expensive. I'm not sure if I'd buy this again because there are so many bronzers out there now for cheaper with many shades so I might try something new when I run out of this (which I doubt I will). I don't use this during the summer because I get dark so it wouldn't really show up. I use the Sugar Tropic Tan Bronzer instead, and that stuff is NOT sheer at all. I don't think I'll be able to make that work during the cold months. Since I don't know if I'd buy this again or not, I just put no.

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Christian Dior Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine SPF 20

Review by stephanie32082: I am running low on bronzers and decided to purchase another one for myself -- but ideally wanted something with spf so that my melasma spots which are under my cheekbones, are 1) disguised a bit .. 2) protected somewhat more from the sun.
I found this one and am in lust yet again. It is matte. It is a great color (02) for my pale skin and does manage to disguise my melasma quite nicely.
It has spf 20 which is a perfect marriage of bronze and protection for me.
love it and will buy again!

Review by nemomemo: I really love this! A beautiful matte bronzer in natural, flattering shades. Out of the box, it comes with a velvet "Christian Dior" pouch which is very pretty. The bronzer is quite pigmented so I apply with a loose, medium sized powder brush. The packaging is also very elegant, reminds me of the material they use for some big, vintage plastic-rimmed sunglasses.

Review by shopgirl087: This is a fantastic product, its compact, has a mirror on the lid and generally looks fantastic on. I will definitely try this product again! Doesnt last quite as long as I would have hoped, I have it just under two months and I can already see the end of the box :( seeing as I would only wear it about 3 times a week on average, thats not too great - but hey, its a small enough box so it cant last forever!

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Shu Uemura Luster Bronze Powder

Review by munchlaxy: I have to agree with the make-up artist at Shu that "bronze" is kind of a misleading word, because this powder is much more versatile. Thanks to his advice, I'm actually currently using it as a contouring powder, and this is giving me cheek bones I think for the first time ever. I am still trying to master this "layering" technique that I see all the Shu artists doing at the studio, but this powder definitely helps to bring out the blush colors. The luminosity is so subtle and natural that I think I might use this as an overall bronzing powder for the summer as well. Very interesting product.

Review by kimby83: They weren't kidding about "Luster." Packaged like Shu Uemura's loose powders, Luster Bronze is like an amped-up glowing version of 7YR Light. It comes with a thick white puff which I will probably not use, as my Kabuki brush or my Shu 20B powder brush does a better job. On my Asian MMM skin, this imparts a smooth, not-at-all "powdered " finish. Anyone darker than NC 35/MMM should be aware that this powder might give you a natural glow but not necessarily make you look more tanned. Fine by me as I am quite tan already! : -)

Review by lmharte: I love how this product gives such a natural bronzed glow on my Chanel #20, Armani LSF#4 complexion. So finely milled as with all Shu Uemura loose powders. The lustre makes this product also good to use on the body too.

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