which bronzers is the best?3 best bronzerss

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By Fiora

which bronzers is the best?Let's see the 3 best bronzerss !


Eyeko Eyeko's Sun Shine

Review by peachy905: Fun and pretty!
in the jar it looks more brown or coppery than i expected, but on it does wonders. A light reddish/golden tone to my face.
(i have pale, pinkish skintones with the ability to tan and light hair.)

Review by scrapdoll: This bronzer is very cute and the packaging is kind of directed towards younger female teens, however, me being male I'm loving this bronzer! It's lightly shimmery but very natural looking. Not to mention, the price isn't that bad (8-12 depending where you purchase it at). My only critism for this product is that it comes with an extremely mini bronzer brush that's very bad at picking up the product and applying it evenly. I recommend buying your own bronzer brush for this product.

Review by kerroppifreak: Eeeeek! I am so pale that if I don't wear blush, people ask if I am feeling okay...I was looking for a little pick-me-up, appearance-wise for my skin. This turned me an awful shade of rusty red instead of giving me a nice glow. As if PPP girls with pink-toned skin need a scary exaggerated reminderof how red we can get at times. Scary!

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mark Desert Island Stick

Review by lmharte: I have this in the Medium shade. Smells disgusting, doesn't go one as soft and as creamy as I had hoped. The color does NOT work on eyes or lips. I returned it.

Review by Cygentte3: Why did I used to spend 35 on my Copacabana and other Multiples from Nars???
THIS is a better quality item with easier blenadbility and it doesn't look sticky, unnatural or tacky. I have super pale porcelain skin and I have this in Capri.I used it this weekend when I had on a strapless black dress--applied it to my shoulders and decolletage over the Kissable Body powder from mark. I also use this to add some summer glow on my cheekbones, tip of my nose, temples, etc. OVERALL, another 5 lippie item from mark!

Review by Stampy_76: This is a "do it all" kind of makeup from mark. I have this in Capri, which is the lightest shade. You can use it on your eyes, cheeks or lips to give an all over bronzy look. It's a HUGE twist up tube, so you are surely getting your money's worth. I put some on my lids, added black liner and black mascara and it gave a great summery/bronzy/glowy look. A dab on the cheeks completes the look. And to take it from day to evening, dab some on your lips, followed by a clear gloss. This is definitely the perfect multitasker makeup for summer. Highly recommended!

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Alima New matte bronzer - Maracaibo

Review by sophie_tan: I have been so disappointed with this bronzer. I think Alima is one of the top mineral brands out there but this is not a winner for me : this product is designed for fair skins so I thought it would be perfect for me but this is really brown (not dark brown but I mean it has no peachy or pinky tones in it). Instead of giving me a healthy color, it makes me look muddy! I bought the sample only and I'm glad I didn't get a full-size product straight away.

Review by runtagua: As stated on the Alima web site, Maracaibo was created for the true "pale, porcelain princess". This gives me the exact barely-there bronzed/flushed look I was going for. I've been wearing this non-stop since I got it and am also looking forward to trying the lightly shimmered bronzers that are supposed to be coming out in the future. NC15/Alima N1/dk blonde/green eyes

Review by Lola_Bear: Rave. I got a few samples of this, and finally sprung for the whole size. (With Alima's reasonable prices, though, I didn't have to 'spring' too much!) I'm PPP/ Alima N1 / brown hair / hazel green eyes. This color is perfect. I've got a slight summer tan right now, so I mix a little in with my N1 mineral foundation for a great color match. This color is so subtle, it is perfect for sculpting the cheek bones (applied in the hollow below). It's barely detectable as makeup! I like using it in conjunction with Mimosa blush on the apples of my cheeks. I love that there is no shimmer in this. I'm just not into a shimmery face right now, so this bronzer is perfect!!

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