which bronzers is good?3 effective bronzerss

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By Helen

which bronzers is good?Let's see the 3 effective bronzerss !


Physicians Formula Sunlight

Review by glossgal_01: PRO: really nice natural brown colour that goes on evenly
CON: excessively glittery and sparkly. My boyfriend said I looked ridiculous and I had barely used any and it was in the shade, let alone in the sun, i looked like disco ball.
Waste of money.

Review by GreeneyedGal: PF's bronzers are great but this is one of the best ones. I am NC35 and this gives me a great glow and believable tan look. I set my foundation with this. I stay looking fresh and tan the whole day. Great for people who have yellow undertone. You can add glow or tan or both with the shades in this bronzer. Read the instructions on the box. You can use this for contouring and even highlighting the whole face.

Review by tambien: I am an african american girl and I have a medium caramel tone, this stuff doesnt give me a bronze look since I already have the skin color however, the shimmer does show up pretty well its not too shimmery if you apply it right but it does show up especially when you take pics I think it would be great for the summer or when the sun hits. I like the stuff but since it doesnt really give me a bronze look but shimmery, I think that I will just stick with a face shimmer lotion

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MAC Bronzer in 'bronze'

Review by JettNY: Overall, this is a lovely bronzer, and believe me ive tried them all! I'm a bronzer and fake tan freak! I really like the colour of this, and it goes on lightly, yet makes a difference and doesnt give you an orange or muddy look. It is very buildable. The only thing is, it finishes way too quickly, and whilst the shimmer in it it lovely, it can sometimes be a little annoying - the mac matte one is not as dark as this though so i'm on the search for a new bronzer again! It stays on for the majority of the day and works well when trying to contour cheekbones. I use this on the whole of my face and neck lightly, and it does give a very natural look. Only thing i would say is that out of curiosity, i'd like to try a matte bronzer and compare it to this slightly shimmery one.

Review by didion0312: My HG bronzer is discontinued! How could you MAC? This is the best a lovely shade that shows up on my NC42 skin better than Refined Golden, and less orange than Solar Riche. I hope this will be released again. Then I will buy back ups because Nars Casino is out of my budget!

Review by suze9_8: I *think* I actually like this better than NARS Casino and Laguna. It's not shimmery (or if it is, I can't tell), not dark enough to look muddy and not light enough to not look like a tan. It's just perfect in the middle. It goes on nice and smooth to create a nice looking natural dark tan. I like to dust it on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin for the sunkissed look (I'm NC30). Not sure if I'll have to switch to something lighter in the winter, but for now this is doing a great job. Much cheaper than NARS too!

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Sephora Bora Bora Bronzer SPF 15

Review by taskeeng: This is a great product, but it's not for anyone with tan or dark skin. I myself have very fair skin (NC15) and most bronzers I've tried have looked too muddy or too orange on me. This is perfect. I use a fluffy powder brush to apply it and it looks very natural. The new formula is also paraben-free. I would absolutely recommend this to someone with fair skin.

Review by Jennybear: This is my go to all over fact bronzer. Has little shimmer to it so its great for all over face. It has a beautiful color that isn't too overbearing. I like to wear it under blush. its my go to bronzer for everyday use.

Review by coolRED: I love this bronzer! I have very fair skin and this bronzer does not make me look orange at all (as long as I use a light hand). I have been using it for awhile (almost everyday) and still have TONS left, so for the money, it is a GREAT deal! Will definitely be repurchasing.

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