which body skin care ranking first?3 top body skin cares

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By Tifanny

which body skin care ranking first?Let's see the 3 top body skin cares !


Bath and Body Works Bergamont Coriander from the aromatherapy line

Review by CherryBlossom03: I got this in the oil and I find the fragrance really clean and fresh...I like to take a bath and then put this on while I'm still damp. Yeah it's greasy, but hi, it's an oil!! My skin feels all soft and silky the next day, and when I wake up to that yummy smell it just puts a smile on my face =)

Review by Angeline: I love this strange scent and find it makes me very clear and happy---I'm not sure if everyone else loves it though(particularly my hubbie)---UT I DON"T CARE!!! try it and see...maybe you'll join me in sying it's an really odd wonderful refreshing change from all the FLORAL?FRUITY scents..

Review by marsqurine: The Aromatherapy line at BBW is fairly good about having the real essential oils listed in their titles, but after checking the ingredients in the body lotion in Bergamot Coriander, I found -no- Bergamot oil, or Coriander oil! The scent is a bit too strong, and the comments I received when using a sample were less than stellar. ('What is that odd orange scent? It smells like a christmas tree.' This was in Sep.) Though, all the lotions in Aromatherapy have soy protein that really helps take care of dry skin, so I can't rate it too bad.

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Johnson & Johnson SoftWash Baby Wash

Review by pink_cosmos: I think this is the product I have except mine is called 'body wash' instead of 'baby wash'.
Anyway, I've had this product for years (I sort of forgot about it) and it still smells good. It smells lovely and gentle and really gives my skin a nice soft, baby feel. You get a lot in your bottle too.

Review by shopgirl087: I really like this body wash. It is nice because it doesn't dry out my skin. I also like it because the scent is a very clean, powdery scent which is really nice but it's not real strong like other body washes so it doesn't mix w/ a scented lotion or perfume that i may want to wear. It does have a lotiony-texture to it so i just lather up and shave w/ this instead of using a shaving cream on my legs. Even though it's got a lotion-texture it still lathers up great. Overall , I really like it and will repurchase again in the future.

Review by lmharte: I absolutely love this stuff. Wonderfully scented, gentle body wash that leaves my skin so soft. (No lotion needed after using this one!) My new favourite! (And I'm a fussy product junkie...)

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Earth Therapeutics Oatmeal & Honey Scrub

Review by YolandaMC: great exfoliating scrub. it's not too harsh, just make sure you dont overscrub yourself. the smell is great; really smells like oatmeal and honey! and the ingredients are great: its all natural :) after using this, my skin felt extremely soft and i feel totally pampered.
been using this for at least half a month once per week. it's still awesome! mwidtin is soooooooo smooth! i love it! RAVE!!

Review by lbarnold: I like this product for so many reasons. The tube packaging is very convenient... the price is very reasonable... the texture is a good balance of grainy and soothing... and the smell is mouth-watering, like spiced honey!

Review by mielr: This scrub is awesome! I've been using this for along time,although I haven't purchased it in awhile I need to.The smell is divine,and really exfoliates to reveal soft,supple skin.Plus,its all natural.A real must have!

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