which body skin care ranking first?3 effective body skin cares

By Christina

which body skin care ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective body skin cares !


Clarins Huile Tonic - Body Treatment Oil

Review by lmharte: I love the aroma of this product, it has a lot of geranium and citrus. I used this on my arms and legs and it left them very soft, and although a bit heavy, the oil did eventually soak in. I have not used it long enough to determine how toning it is, alas I dropped the bottle and upon hitting the sink shattered into many pieces. My bathroom smells lovely, though.....

Review by Sybil84: I bought the oil after having used the tonic scrub and the tonic body balm. I was looking for something more moisturizing than the balm, and I had been going through the balm so quickly, I thought I'd try the oil. I usually don't use oils on my body, but this one is really nice. I love the smell, the mint seems to be more prominent in this oil than in the other tonic products. I use it after a bath and my skin looks and feels great. The oil sinks in pretty well, so there isn't any greasy feeling afterwards. If you enjoy this scent, I would recommend it. I'm not sure about its toning effects though. I wish I found out about it while I was pregnant. But I am losing weight from the pregnancy and apply it on my stetchmarked areas to see how it goes... I'll update later.

Review by Chloeclover: Highly recommended to prevent stretch marks and leaves the skin more toned. :)

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Bath and Body Works Rich Citrus Cream products

Review by shimmering: i picked this up from the buy on get one free basket last week and it's my new favorite. it smells like a very creamy creamsicle, milky and orangy but not too tart. and since i love it so much, that means it is or is soon to be discontinued!

Review by JT14: I like this scent. I love citrus scents but Limelight and Citrus Punch were way better. Since they are discontinued, this is a nice replacement.

Review by CherryBlossom03: I've tried all the BBW products with this particular scent, and adore it! But alas.... if I use these products too many days consecutively, I get an itchy rash.
So I have to use these only occasionally. Too bad. BBW offers these at reasonable prices.

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Nailtiques Cuticle and Hand Conditioner

Review by blyss: although i was initially somewhat put off by the synthetic floral smell of this hand cream, it has redeemed itself by proving to be one of the more moisturizing hand treatments i have ever used. this cream has been a godsend for dealing with dry winter skin.

Review by misswillow: The pros are this is a very moisterising hand cream, a little goes a long way and you get a fair bit for what you pay but the cons were the smell is absolutely disgusting so i will not be purchasing this again. The smell made me feel quite nauseus

Review by coolRED: Has made a significant difference in my cuticles - when I use it regularly hangnails are pretty much gone. I keep it by my bed and if used nightly hands and cuticles are super soft.

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