which body skin care is the best?3 best-selling body skin care

By Helen

which body skin care is the best?Let's see the 3 best-selling body skin care !


Bath and Body Works Flowering Herbs body lotion

Review by island_honey: This is an herbal floral rather than the current and ubiquitous fruity-florals that I dislike. This lotion is not terribly moisturizing on its own. I apply it after my shower while my skin is still damp and it works wonderfully. The fragrance is reminiscent of the 1970's which I happen to love. It's herb-y, floral, with a touch of wood... just like a garden! Definite repurchase.

Review by munchlaxy: This one isn't as flowery as I thought it would be. It's nice for the warmer weather.

Review by andij: For some reason or another this does smell like the early/mid ninties like the previous reviewer said. I think that because it does smell like herbs, and not an overly floral scent or heavily musky, for that its unique and quite a natural and earthy fragrance.

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Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil

Review by IiIy: Well, it smells like the perfume which is good if you like the smell. The main problem is that it doesn't last more than a few hours--the same problem I have with the perfume but at least I can spray that in my hair or clothes to help the scent last.
So I do not believe it's worth the price.

Review by pulidobl: I bought this in a desperate attempt to "layer" the Beach fragrance so it would last longer than 20 minutes on me. The combination of a glass bottle; a large, pour-out opening; and wet slippery hands is not a good one. I returned this after a couple close calls with spilling and near misses with dropping on the tile. Also, it did nothing to help the perfume spray last. I do think this is a gorgeous looking bottle but is completely impractical for the purpose.

Review by sleepyone: Love this product! Such a beautiful scent that really warms up on the skin. Its like Coppertone, mixed with jasmine and lemon. Really makes me think of the fresh ocean air. The oil is very light and absorbs well leaving a slight sheen that looks especially great with a tan (a self-tan of course!). I am planning to buy the perfume as well, I think it?s the perfect summer scent. Enjoy!

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Unlisted Brand Parissa Quick and Easy Wax Strips Face - Bikini

Review by lorraine07: I am always trying new at home waxing stuff for my upper lip and chin. I've always been disappointed by cold wax strips before - the Sally Hansen ones barely worked and left a lot of wax on my skin. I picked up these at Ulta with very low expectations (although I had tried other Parissa wax products and been pretty impressed). I tried them on my upper lip and chin and LOVED them! They really got almost every hair - even shorter and coarser hairs. It left very little wax residue (which came up easily when the azulene oil is used on it - included in the kit) and was very quick and easy. I will definitely be buying these again for use on my face.

Review by CherryBlossom03: So fabulous- as pain-free as it gets, and very little mess. I'm very skeptical of cold-wax strips, but these work wonderfully and allow you to shape each strip if you want. I was only using them on my eyebrows/coarser hair, though (I don't mind 'peach fuzz) so I can't testify for thin/light hair. But it did get even the short ones! Especially excellent when used with the ice cube trick, and if heated up very very gently with the fingers before use. Definitely sticking with these!

Review by AimeeO: Quick and easy.
I love how un-messy it is :)
Heat it between your hand enough or else it won't pull them off properly.
(or use a hairdrier if you're lazy like me lolz)

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