which body skin care is good?3 best body skin care

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By Vicky

which body skin care is good?Let's see the 3 best body skin care !


Mary Kay Private Spa Collection Satin Hands Pampering Set

Review by moth: This set (new 3-piece version) is pricey, but is a great treat for yourself to have around. The scrub has exactly the right amount of grit to exfoliate without irritating and it smells like peach. The extra emollient night cream is very thick and waxy to protect your hands overnight. The regular hand cream is light, but does a good job of moisturizing and absorbs quicker than any other I've used. I use other hand lotions too, because this is too expensive to use exclusively, but I really enjoy it! PS - I don't follow the instructions for this set. They tell you to use the night cream then scrub then lotion. That seems like a waste of night cream to me, as you just wash it right off. I use the scrub first followed by either the cream or the lotion.

Review by Sybil84: I bought this recently and I am impressed! I have a peach scent, which can be overwhelming at first, but quickly fades. I have used the first step at times on its own, on my feet after doing the ped-egg. I have not had a reaction which suprised me, as some heavily fragranced products can bother me with either a migraine or rash. I like the scrub that comes in a pump, as I don't have to dip my fingers in a container (the manicure one?) The hand lotion is okay, not the most moisturizing, I actually prefer the seasonal BBW miniatures. I will repurchase, and might try the unscented one next time!

Review by labelslut: I used this product about 4 years ago when it was in the white bottles and I love it! I just recently bought the new system (in the orange bottles) and OMG awesome! I like how there is one less step and it works just as well as the original. It smells delicious! I like the packaging better on the new Satin Hands... especially the Smoothie Scrub (step 2) it comes in a pump bottle and it smells divine! I have VERY sensitive skin and so I was hesitant to use a product with fragrance in it but I have not reacted at all. This product gives instant results, you will wonder how you have ever lived with out it!

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Thymes Limited Eucalyptus Body Lotion

Review by ahappyplace: unique, fresh, sharp citrus scent that is so incredibly refreshing and awakens you. go to sleep wearing it, you wake up smelling it :) . of course, the sharp notes die off by morning, so you wake up to a toned-down, softer scent that's simply comforting yet mildly invigorating. It's a great scent that I can imagine any mom wearing, just because it's so yummy, kitchen-y and comforting - something that even when a kid grows up to be 60-70, just a whiff of the scent would immediately bring them back to memories of their childhood and their mom
lotion is thick and creamy, but absorbs easily and isn't greasy. LOVELY :) . definite holy grain for body lotions

Review by ninanina: Much nicer than the cologne. Saavy buddy uses it to freshen up down below when she can't hit the shower (gross, but interesting). I got a bit tired of it eventually, but what doesn't get tiresome at some point?

Review by spitfireseven: This is my absolute favorite lotion. It has the freshest, most beautiful scent. Very uplifting. The lotion is very creamy and absorbs well. The scent lasts a good while too. Super.

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Banana Boat Aloe

Review by blacklittlepig: A nice aloe vera gel, a little more expensive than the no-name versions, but not by much.

Review by lorrainer07: THE BEST product to use if you have minor skin irritations! I had accidentally burned my hands from boiling water (1st degree) and I immediately reached for this. It immediately soothed my skin! I put a generous amount on the wound and then fanned my hands...honestly, fanning or having something blow on it (like an open car window while driving) really really soothes it! After it dries, there is a hint of green still on your skin but it can be easily washed away. Excellent product for immediate relief!

Review by dastac: this was ok... kind of a diluted version of aloe-- i think it's better to use aloe juice from a health food store if u really want aloe benefits.
this was a gel-- it was just so-so. it doesn't really absorb that well on my skin, so i just keep it in the house for sunburns.

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