which body lotion ranking first?3 top body lotions

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By Sara

which body lotion ranking first?Let's see the 3 top body lotions !


Victoria's Secret Hydrating Body Lotion in Vanilla-Coconut Passion

Review by Suzy_h: If this lasted longer I would definitely purchase the entire line, if I could afford it that is. It smells like a fruity coconut. More of a coconut fragrance would be nice though.

Review by shimmering: This scent is really not bad, especially with comparison with some other VS scents (like Love Spell is horrible).

Review by stellaluna2: For Victoria secret, I buy the body creams instead of the body lotions only because the cream feels better. It's thicker than the lotion but it's not greasy. Love this scent. I usually don't go for coconut scented products only because they remind me of sunscreen. But this body cream smells amazing!!! It's sweet but not too sweet where it's sickening. Scent does fade on skin and it still smells great! Def will repurchase.

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Chanel Coco mademoiselle fresh body lotion

Review by kitkat85: This is in a very simplistic plastic bottle and for SGD86 i reckon they could have spruce up on the packaging. I must admit it is practical lightweight plastic with a sturdy screw cap that prevents leaks.
The lotion is lightweight, soft fluid emulsion that feels like water on the skin. Fresh notes of oriental floral and sweetness from vanilla. It smells different from the fragrance which tends to smell too much for me. I love this as it smells a bit like Iced Tea smell.
The lasting powers of scent for the lotion is about 3 hours, or maybe i dun smell it anymore as my nose gotten used to the smell. But either way, i will use this as a treat for myself as 200ml of fluid lotion will run out soon with everyday use.

Review by bebejacket: Whenever I put this on I feel so girly and classic and pretty. The name enough, "Coco Mademoiselle" just makes you feel so pretty. "Excuse me, what scent is that?" "Coco Mademoiselle." It rolls off the tongue. Enough of that though, onto the product.
It's a very light lotion, very smooth and nice. It's your basic lotion, and who would buy this for moisturizing qualities anyways? The scent though, is just divine. I always thought it was amazing what kind of feelings a scent can evoke, but this one just makes me feel so classic and and suave. I never cared that much for Chanel No. 5, but Coco seems to smell a bit like it's younger, more laid back cousin. It's just beautiful. I save this for special occasions.

Review by Pinki: Coco Mademoiselle is one of my all-time favorite scents now ... so much that I have the EDP, the shower gel, the bath powder, and this for moisturizing after the bath. I often neglect to moisturize because it always seems I'm running out of time. What I love about this product is that it's not only true to the scent of the EDP but it's so quick and sheer. It applies in an extremely sheer mist and in a very short time, I'm done, moisturized top to bottom. When I run out, I must have more.

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Neutrogena Body Lotion Light Sesame Formula

Review by Olive143: I have tried so many lotions, usually never finishing the bottles because they either gave me a rash from mineral oil, made me feel greasy or just didn't moisturize worth a darn. I read the ingredients on the bottle and noticed NO MINERAL OIL. Which is really hard to find in a lotion. I snatched a bottle up and was pleasantly surprised. First off, the scent is sooo good. Light and not overpowering, and has almost a clean, sexy fragrance. The lotion itself goes on light and sheer but leaves your skin feeling very moisturized without ANY greasy residue! AND, I didn't get a rash! Perfect for summer. This is my only lotion I will use from now on. It is hard to find in stores and pricey, so I found great deals on Amazon. 3 pack bottles, and I stock up every chance I get.

Review by LuiLui: A nice, lightweight, non-greasy lotion. Absorbs very quickly, leaves my skin very smooth.

Review by isabellet: I really like this lotion.. It's light and barely has any fragrance, always a plus of you don't like smelling like a fruit or anything.

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