which body lotion ranking first?3 top body lotion reviews

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By Fiora

which body lotion ranking first?Let's see the 3 top body lotion reviews!


Tree Hut Coconut Lime Shea Butter

Review by Cygentte3: I just discovered this line recently, and its been sitting in front of me the whole time at Walmart! This stuffs smells nice and juicy sweet. It is creamy and rich as well, so it moisturizes for a long time! Love it! This is now offically my HG lotion. This is the richest cream I have ever used. My skin feels so smooth, and I really feel like I am putting thick butter on my skin, which I love. I love rich, thick creams. Love!

Review by JettNY: The smell was horrendous and like all of these products- strongly smelled. Tree hut is one of my HG products and I use the butter a good four times a week but this one no thanks.

Review by edie4711: I am not crazy about this scent, but...the body butter is so wonderful that I could not take off a lippie for the scent. The scent isn't bad, maybe I'm just worn out on summer scents and ready for something new. When I do switch over to more wintery scents, you better believe I will purchase something in this line. I have had dry skin more than usual recently, and all of the lotions I kept applying were not doing anything. When I put this one my skin just soaked it up, it was amazing. It makes my skin unbelievably soft. I will definitely repurchase.

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Booths 4-in-1 Multi-Action Body Lotion Vanilla Butter

Review by tambien: This is my absolute favorite body lotion!! It smells amazing, is long lasting, has AHAs, and is only 9.99 for a 32 oz bottle at Ulta!!! Must have for me...try it you won't be disappointed!

Review by taurusgurl5984: I happen to stumble upon this lotion on Saturday when I was looking for some shower gel. I saw the 32oz bottle for 9.99 and I had to have it. The lotion smelled so good and it was Vanilla so that was another selling point for me. The lotion is very creamy and it is not really heavy. The scent stays on all day but it is not overwhelming. The lotion really moisturizes my skin and that is important to me for the winter months. The lotion is a 4 in 1 multi action body lotion. The lotion firms, nourishes and moisturizes skin. This is a great lotion that will last long because of the size and also a good quality product for the price. I also love that it comes with a pump.

Review by liselise1: This is the best body lotion I have ever used. I bought the vanilla this time as a layering option for my perfumes (wear a lot of orientals). My favorite scent is the lemon sugar although the vanilla is OK. But, regardless of which scent you choose to enjoy- the lotion itself is worth the minimal investment of nine dollars for a HUGE bottle. It makes your skin look and feel incredible. I think it would easily be better than most moderate to high end brands- things I have used bath and body works, the body shop, Lush,
Prada, Estee Lauder, ect. It's just kind of a challenge to find here.

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Bath and Body Works Melon Cooler

Review by shimmering: Oh my, I love this lotion! It has a fruity, summery melony scent, is very strongly scented and sinks right in to my skin. It's a pleasure to use, and I could still smell the scent in the afternoon, after putting it on in the morning. This one is a total winner.

Review by nishie: Oh so yummy! I almost wanted to drink it! Not too runny, and the scent will make your eyes roll back into your head. ADORE this!

Review by shopgirl087: I wear this lotion almost every day and have not tired of it. I'm not much on scented lotions or ANYthing from BBW, but I cannot live without this lotion! It is quite sweet, but fresh as well. Sometimes I mix it with an unscented lotion to tone it down, and just to make it last longer, since it's getting harder to find! The ONLY thing I like from BBW and they stop carrying it. Figures!

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