which body lotion ranking first?3 recommended body lotion

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By Tifanny

which body lotion ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended body lotion !


Badger Cuticle Care

Review by askewchick: A must-have in the winter. I use this on my cuticles, fingernails and even random patches of rough skin. It absorbs quickly and it works. This stuff is fantastic.

Review by lorrainer07: This smells amazing, and it's less greasier then Burt's Bees cuticle creme. It might be a bit less effective then the Burt's Bees for cuticles, because it has a drier texture, but I enjoy to be able to use it a hand cream. I want a large tin of this, it's my favourite hand cream! (it is of course a bit greasy, but sinks in fast and it's easy to use a small quantity and spred it very well)
Update: still loving this, but now I have a new favorite, the Coconut Lime lotion stick from Bubble and Bee, smells so good!

Review by Springncts: I have a tin of this in my desk drawer, and use it a couple times a day! I really really like it - much better than BB Lemon balm, which did zippo for me! :-x This is a tad greasy for a minute or two, but then it really seems to soak in and moisturizes well, even after you think it's gone. My cuticles are a perennial mess, and I've tried a lot of things, and for my money, this and the infinitely more expensive Qtica are the bomb! Love the scent of the Badger - kind of a rosemary/ginger scent that's not too strong. Great stuff!

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Simplyscents Dreamsickle lotion

Review by diachu21: Once again, I love this formulation! And the smell is great! I can't wait to put it on again!!

Review by clnfox: After months of trying to find out how to order from SS I finally got hold of them... and boy was it worth the search. I'm wearing this with my CSP vanilla orange and the combination is heavenly!!!! I have the shea butter b/c that's all they offer at this time. I want to try some other scents but none that they offer at this time don't interest me. This scent is to die for!!! It reminds me of the ICE CREAM MAN!!!! It is very moisturizing without being too greasy and absorbs in almost instantly. ( I have dry skin ). A winner in my book.

Review by nechama22: I love the new packaging! This scent is very true to name; a combo of orange and vanilla. It remind me of orange sherbert. :P Perfect for the spring/summer months.

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Tommy Hilfiger Lemon Cream Pie Body Hydrator

Review by moth: I like this one and the cream pie flavour the best. :) The lemon scent is light and creamy, and seriously luscious! It absorbs like whipped cream too- instantly.

Review by auth: This smells like lemon, but it's a bit too sugary smelling for me. I like this one the least out of all the Cream Pie Hydrators. It's kinda pricy for the amount you get. I'm gonna avoid this one next time.

Review by Jaie: This smells so yummy but it isn't very moisturizing. It left my skin feeling rather dry after only a few hours.

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