which body lotion ranking first?3 popular body lotions reviews

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which body lotion ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular body lotions reviews!


Bare Escentuals French Vanilla Lotion

Review by bebejacket: This smells awesome. I got it as an extra from a lovely MUAer. It has a certain spice to it that makes it smell 100% real and not fake at all. It moisturizes well, and the scent just stays there. It reminds me of Christmas for some reason, like when you have all the candles out and christmas cookies. Its like Christmas everyday, lol.

Review by KateN: This has a really nice warm vanilla smell that isnt too sugary that it makes you sick. The scent is nice and subtle and lingers on the skin for a few hours. Also makes your skin really soft. this is one vanilla lotion i am gonna keep using. I just wonder if the scent is in perfume form, cause this is one vanilla i am gonna keep coming back to.

Review by pinktulip: This smells just like I expected French Vanilla to be. Not too foody (but I love the foody vanillas) but not artificial. The scent is pretty light on my skin, but it moisturizes fairy well for a lotion and no need to reapply during the day.

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Bath and Body Works Le Couvent Des Minimes Orange and Cinnamon Body Balm

Review by nina: This is lovely stuff. Everything about it appeals to me. First, it has the same consistency as their Honey and Shea Body Balm. It's soft like honey spread and looks like it will be sticky. Believe me, it's not. As you apply it the balm transforms into a cream on your skin, then sinks in. It softens and hydrates like a dream and leaves a light, lingering scent behind. Ah, the scent. This one has a great smell, like you just peeled a mandarin orange. It's so pleasant and surely reminded me of Holiday fragrances.

Review by kat_25: I originally bought this bc my husband loves the smell of oranges and I love the smell of cinnamon, so why not make us both happy :) and it moisturizes very well, and doesn't smell artificial or too sweet like a lot of orange fragranced things do(although IMO it could just a touch more cinnamon). My only gripe is that the smell doesn't last long enough, if I want to smell orangy for hubby I have to jump on him right after applying it or he doesn't even notice the smell at all lol. I don't use it very often as it's a limited edition and I don't want to run out before the next holiday season when they (hopefully) bring it back.

Review by mielr: love it,scent is like a fresh orange,goes on kind of greasy but soaks in fast.BBW had half off during annual sale,definitely repurchase

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MMU Cosmetics Sole provider Tootsie Butter

Review by tetrakis: I love this product, too! At first I wasn't that impressed with it - it seemed ordinary and maybe even a little slick for my liking - but as time has gone by I have definitely noticed a change in the condition of my feet. They used to be pale and cracked, and now they look healthy and feel baby-soft! Three cheers for an awesome product!

Review by London84: At first I wasnt that impressed by this; I thought it was a good basic foot cream but nothing to rave about. However, after using this for a few days my feet are much softer and smoother, especially around the toes. I recommend using this after a foot scrub and/or pumice stone. I have it in coco-banana and LOVE the scent! To me it smells EXACTLY like a starburst.

Review by LuiLui: My feet definitely love this rich, shea butter formula...thanks Lisa (24kt) for sending me a couple of jars in a swap and getting me absolutely HOOKED on this stuff!!! I have pretty nice feet so I love showing them off (pedicured, of course!), but due to excessive stiletto heel wearing, the skin of the balls of my feet tend to get hard and dry, and I've definitely known my fair share of blisters from new sandals/flipflops. Sole Provider does a marvelous job restoring moisture to my tortured tootsies, and I've noticed a drastic lightening of old blister scars and marks on my feet. It's such a treat to slather it on every night before bed, and I massage it around the cuticles too to keep them soft. I don't know where I'd be without Sole Provider...this is going to be a staple for a long time!!!

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