which body lotion ranking first?3 effective body lotion reviews

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By Vicky

which body lotion ranking first?Let's see the 3 effective body lotion reviews!


Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Moisturizer

Review by Vaniessa: this is a nice, simple, all-purpose moisturizer. i use it on my body (its the only lotion that doesn't irritate my legs after shaving), and during the winter i use it on my face as well. its very non-abrasive, has a neutral smell, and the bottle lasts forever.

Review by labelslut: I love this moisturizer! I have used it on and off for a few years and now it is the only lotion I use on my body. I will not use any moisturizers that contain parabens (I threw all them away about 6 months ago and decided to only use paraben free body products) This lotion is the best I have tried that works for me. It's the perfect consistancy not to thick and not too thin, is made for sensitive skin, is inexpensive, not tested on animals, is a natural product, and smells lovely (doesn't compete with my perfume) I can only describe the scent at light, clean and natural. My husband will even use it because it doesn't have a real strong smell and he says it feels nice. I will use this always and forever. I haven't tried it as a face lotion but as soon as my face moisturizer runs low I'll try this on my face too and update.

Review by kimby83: A nice moisturizer, with a pleasant, subtle scent. I don't like it as much as a couple of other Kiss My Face lotions (Chinese Botanicals and Lavender) but I've tried this and like it. For those who don't want floral or sweet-smelling lotions, this would be a nice choice. Good for men or women. Very natural-smelling.

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Bath and Body Works Pure Simplicity Pumpkin Body Butter

Review by cosmokid: I love the Pure Simplicity pumpkin mask and have been hoping for a cream or lotion with that scent. This is better than BBW's Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin or the pumpkin scent from last year, but it's not the same scent as the pumpkin mask, IMHO. Too much cinnamon, not enough pumpkin. As it dries down it starts to smell more like cinnamon and apples than pumpkin. The scent of the pumpkin mask is perfect, just like fresh baked pumpkin pie right out of the oven. Why they can't duplicate that in this body cream is puzzling.

Review by lorrainer07: I LOVE this!! the smell is a lot more like pumpkin pie than just straight pumpkin. It's very creamy and works wonders on skin- I have very mild chest acne and it's started to clear it up (because of the skin renewal properties) plus I got the butter on sale for 5, even better!

Review by London84: All I got when I rubbed this on in the store was green, very green pumpkin. So sweetness, no spiciness. Just green pumpkin. I applied a good amount, but could barely smell it - thank goodness. Not at all what I was expecting.

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Olay Total Effects Body Lotion

Review by srobinb: I really love this lotion! It really does sink in quickly and leave a nice silky feel - not greasy or heavy at all!! I apply it to my hands at night, and by the next morning they are buttery soft! :)

Review by SisleyAus: My mom bought this for herself. I decided to try it after a shower one day and was unexpectedly very impressed. It leaves your skin soft and smooth and sinks in well with no stickiness. I think this may be the best body lotion I've used. I actually like the pump b/c I think its easy to use.

Review by redheadjane: A nice moisturing body lotion. Has a slight scent to it but it disappears rather quickly. Absorbes quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

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