which body lotion ranking first?3 best-selling body lotion reviews

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By Elena

which body lotion ranking first?Let's see the 3 best-selling body lotion reviews!


Bliss Labs Lemon and Sage silky milk

Review by Caligirl42990: This is the best lotion I've ever tried. It's pretty expensive, but a little goes a long way. Unlike other lotions which make me feel kinda greasy or heavy on the skin, this one is so light and the most moisturizing of all of them, and I've tried a ton of lotion. The smell is also very refreshing and not perfume-y at all. Sometimes when the amount of lotion gets low in the bottle it's a little difficult to pump, but if you can afford it, I say definitely get it, it's wonderful.

Review by catlover9_9: Good Gravy! The fabulous odor of the BIg Bar in lotion form! Sadly, this lotion's scent leaves after an all too brief affair with your derm. -- snarky stuff. It works fine, no grease, no thick elephant-swaths of left-over lo-lo, but it's kind of expensive for a flirtation with the heavenly scent.

Review by dlbd2k06: I really like this lotion/cream. It's really rich and moisturizes well. I even put it on my legs after shaving and don't get a rash (some lotions, esp. those w/lanolin, give me a rash after shaving). I love the fresh smell, and I'm glad it dissipates quickly as it will not conflict w/my perfume.
The bottle is fine but the pump is so hard to use. I have to press down so hard that it can deter me from using this.

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Booths Buttercream Body Souffle

Review by Lola_Bear: This review is for the Tahitian Monoi body Souffle. There is little moisturizing qualities and the smell is a very synthetic monoi and very coconuty! I love the Booth's Body oil(great ingredients and smell) and was very disappointed by this. It goes back to Ulta tomorrow.

Review by jlinh2u: I LOVE this product and I am so glad I found it! I have been searching high and low for a vanilla scented cream to use in the summer time in place of my Boots Brazil Nut body butter. Could you believe that my perfect product would also be dirt cheap?! Literally, this tub will last me forever. And the best part is, it feels like heaven when I put it on my skin. It is light, creamy and fluffy. If you are someone looking for lighter moisture, this is definitely the product for you. I could not recommend it more!

Review by liselise1: I really like this body souffle, but I feel that it is much more a lotion than a souffle or cream. Though it appears thick, it goes on very thin. It feels more like a glycerin-based product rather than mainly consisting of mineral oil. Its moisture level to me is comparable to a Bath and Body Works Lotion or *maybe* original Jergens. Two hours after using it my skin is barely more moisturized, but the fragrance is very long-lasting. That being said, it smells more like a Kenzo Amour-type spicy, gingery vanilla. The scent is almost like roasted chestnut or holiday fragrance. It is not buttercream at all. Jacqua products are what you need for that scent! Overall, if you are looking for a foody, thick cream this isn't for you. If you are looking for a lightly sweet-scented lotion that isn't sticky and dries fast, this may be it.

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DERMAdoctor Feet Accompli

Review by bebejacket: These other reviews are so thorough that I have virtually nothing to add. I'll just say THIS is a great foot creme. What I dislike about foot cremes is that they are so heavy that you feel like you are wearing a greasy sock or they smell awful or they do nothing. This is light as a feather so that you can dress for the day quickly. And by gosh, my feet have returned to their younger selves! Plus a little dab will do ya!

Review by Viognier: Great Product! Softens even the roughest spots. The best foot cream on the market by far!

Review by scrapdoll: Wow! This is by far the best foot cream. My feet feel sooooo soft when I use this, I can't stop touching them. At first I thought 34 for a foot cream might be a little insane, but this works so good, I have to say 34 is worth it. Would buy again, and again.

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