which body lotion is the best?3 recommended body lotions

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By Vicky

which body lotion is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended body lotions !


Bissy's Boutique Whipped Body Butter

Review by funkybabe: Goat's Milk body butter - I just didn't like the feel of this. It is more like a yogurt consistency, and I don't like the texture, from any etailer. I much prefered the feel of her Goat's milk, honey and shea lotion or silky butter.

Review by Graceteix: Great texture for me. I don't require anything "Heavy" for moisturising. Love it, will order more!

Review by bobsy: I love this body butter. It has amazing slip and a little bit goes a long way. It leaves my skin soft and supple. I have tried a dozen different scents in this product and all are very true to the name and long lasting. A wonderful product at a wonderful price!

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Natural Esscents Sugar Cookie holiday set

Review by kat_25: I love, love, love this set! The sugar cookie is such a wonderful scent for "foody" lovers. Buy one while you can!

Review by blyss: I missed out on the holiday set, but was able to order the Sugar cookie body cream. Wow, this is what I've been looking for forever. It smells just like a slightly spicy sugar cookie. The scent isn't too heavy or cloying though. It is SO yummy smelling. The cream is very moisturizing, sinks in well, and you don't need to use a lot which makes this so economical. An amazing product! Hurray for Monique and NE!

Review by runty: Smells just like gingerbread!! Wonderful!! I just love NE products and this is noooo exception!! Would make a nice gift for someone!

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Origins Dr Weil Plantidote Mega Mushroom Body Cream

Review by omegakitty: Not greasy but very moisturizing. Nice consistency. Smells pleasant - not strong. Will not interfere with your perfumes. Helps with ashiness and dry scaly patches on my legs.

Review by pink_cosmos: The cream smells good, and leaves my skin super soft. I will continue to use it longterm to see if it helps diminish old scars.
Only complain is that it's not heavy enough. In the winter, I like a heavy, almost oily body cream (such as eucerin or keri or cocoa butter), and this was just too light. My skin is moisterized, but not as much as I am used to.
Still a really great product.

Review by hersheyb: Oh my gos. That' all I can really say... I just got this and the Matcha Tea Scrub, and my skin has never looked better. The chicken skin bumps on the back of my arms is going away, and my elbows are actually the same color as my skin now. :) My DH even commented on the softness of my arms... that's good stuff if he notices.

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