which body lotion is the best?3 popular body lotion

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By Christina

which body lotion is the best?Let's see the 3 popular body lotion !


Jason Natural Cosmetics Vitamin E Natural Hand and Body Lotion

Review by kimberpoo: I like that this lotion is not tested on animals and has largely natural ingredients. I also really like that it is unscented and comes in a large, 8 oz. size. However, I find the texture when it comes out of the tube to be almost glue-y. It's thick, which is nice, but it feels like it doesn't really sink into my skin and leave it smooth. It does get rid of the dryness, but it stays a little too sticky on the skin for too long.

Review by runty: This is an excellent hand and body lotion. It's natural, unscented, and doesn't feel greasy. I have had lotions that leave your skin a little more silky, but this lotion is perfect for "normalizing" dry skin without adding too many bells and whistles. It leaves your skin smooth, soft and replenished--comfortable! It's the lotion I reach for the most, even more than my DDF stuff. A great option for men as well as women.

Review by cyndiinphilly: I really love this lotion. It comes in a functional stand-up tube with a sturdy cap. The lotion itself is very thick but spreads quite easily, unlike other brands I've tried. It's unscented, NOT greasy and 70% organic. But the best part of this product is that it actually PERFORMS...it does what it should do! When I put this on in the morning, my skin is still soft and hydrated in the evening. It's the only lotion I've ever used where I think it actually improved my dry skin instead of just fixing it until the next shower. I paid 7.99 at a local store for it, so it was fairly inexpensive too. I will definately repurchase.

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Bath and Body Works Fig Body Cream

Review by JettNY: Knowing that I like fig scented products, my sister picked this up for me during the recent sale at BBW, and I'm glad she did! In addition to the nice scent (I find it very relaxing for some reason), this is quite moisturizing but not so heavy or greasy that it can't be used during summer. It just glides on the skin and gives in a nice sheen. The jar it comes in might not be the most hygienic way of packaging a product but it's okay. I still like Henri Bendel Wild Fig body cream a little more but this is a great alternative if you're on a budget. It's a little cheaper. Thumbs up!

Review by AimeeO: My mom got me the fig body balm for Valentine's Day. I had been wanting it since the girl at bath and body works smoothed it all over my hands. It has the yummiest smell. I put it on after my shower in the morning, and the smell stays all day. I love it!!! It's a little expensive 20 but definately worth it. It will last forever because you don't need much of the balm to moisturize your entire body. Go smell this!!!

Review by taskeeng: This is one of the newer sents. I have a friend who works for BBW and she gave me a bag filled with *huge* samples of all the new scents and products. If you like the fragrance of figs, then this cream is for you. It's not too heavy and although it is sweet, it isn't overly so. It keeps my skin nice and soft without making it feel greasy or slimey. Rave from me! :o )

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Aesop Rejuvenate Aromatic body balm

Review by diachu21: I love this body lotion- the scent is heavenly, the texture creamy. However I have found that my skin has absorbed all of the moisture within a few hours, also it's very pricey.

Review by Pinki: This stuff is so beloved by me that I use it sparingly so as not to go through it too quickly. It's a tad pricy, but the quality seems so exceptional that it is worth it. I love everything about this stuff: Feels great on the skin (not at all greasy,) yet wonderfully moisturising, absorbs well and quickly, and the scent is out-of-this-world sensual. It's a gorgeous soft and warm sandalwood ever so slightly sweetened with vanilla and brightened with tangerine. I find the scent so headily beautiful that the very act of applying it is a pleasure. Though Aesop makes no specific aromatherapeutic claims, I find my mood considerably lifted when I use it. However, it is a hedonistic indulgence I don't allow myself everyday.

Review by Cristy1970: This is a must have for me. I have been using this twice a day for two weeks and it has helped reduce cellulite on my thighs, I no longer have any vivisble psoriasis on my body and I look much healthier. This is a product I cant be without!!! Also I have it in the 500mL pump pack and it much better than in the glass jar as I am really clumsy!

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