which body lotion is good?3 recommended body lotions reviews

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By Elena

which body lotion is good?Let's see the 3 recommended body lotions reviews!


Simplyscents Yuzu Body Butter

Review by Jennybear: This is wonderful!! The smell is like grapefruit and citrus. Is not too tart or too sweet. Some grapefruit scents have a "body order" dry down smell that I cannot stand but this Yuzu is wonderful. The body butter is long lasting and moisturizing and I get compliments on it all the time. It also works great for a hand cream. I find myself not reaching for handcream at all when I use this.

Review by kitten75: Okay, I don't really even like grapefruit scents... lol... but this one is wonderful! Creamy and energizing, with just a touch of sweetness. SS has Best version of this scent, by far, in my opinion.

Review by lorraine07: This is such a fantastic product! I hope to have some SS Yuzu body butter with me for the rest of my life :) It is a gorgeously fresh, clean, citrusy blend that is not at all pledgy, artificial or overpowering. I have resisted ordering grapefruit or citrus scents because they tend to smell too sharp or sour for my taste, but I had to buy this after all the raves! I finally understand the raves :)
The shea butter is the best cream I have ever used- that and the gorgeous scent make this one of my all time favorite body products!

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Skindecent Body Elixir

Review by labelslut: A very nice product. I got a sample of it in my order and it makes my skin super soft and smells fantastic. A great product

Review by francesca39: I LOVE Skindecent Pure Velvet Body Elixir in Vanilla Frosting. It was the best.I got this and the pink sugar. I was VERY VERY impressed by Marliss's CS and quality of products! I will defiantly be ordering from her again. If your thinking of ordering from her don't think anymore I can guarantee you will love her products too. What else can I say she has been the best that I have seen!LOL

Review by wunverdoll: I have this in waffle cone, and it does smell nice, and the scent lasts a long time. With that said, that is the only thing I like about this product. When rubbing it in the skin, it is very rich, but feels very thin. The more you rub, the more it seems to 'melt' and it NEVER absorbed into my skin. The first time I tried it, I was rubbing my hands together for five minnutes. It still looked and felt like I had poured olive oil on my skin. I sat in front of the tv for another 10 minnutes at least, hoping it would just sink in. It didn't, so I started to rub them together again. Everytime I did this, my hands just felt (and LOOKED) gresier and greasier. I finally just had to go and wash my hands. After the second time trying this product, I just threw it out. BAD!

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Sephora White Milk of Cotton Silky Body Lotion

Review by DawnD: My hands only need lotion during the winter, when it becomes slightly dry. Otherwise, I don't use anything at all. I also got this on clearance. The scent is tolerable (it fades after awhile), but immediately after application my hands are slightly greasy.

Review by srobinb: Cleanest scent ever! Ordered the cream right away! Wish they'd make an oil. Beats any musk!

Review by tambien: This lotion is not too greasy, but not all that moisturizing, either. My main problem with it is that it is so heavily perfumed. I found the soapy/floral scent to be pretty overwhelming, and it doesn't fade so you would not want to put your own perfume on after this. I don't think I'll buy this after the sample runs out.

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