which body lotion is good?3 good body lotion reviews

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By Christina

which body lotion is good?Let's see the 3 good body lotion reviews!


Neutrogena Skin Aid

Review by AokiJ: If this formula didn't separate in the tube I would love it,
but everytime I go to use it I have to pour a bunch out until I get some of it that's not all watery.
I've tried squeezing the tube to try to stir it around and I've also tried shaking it but nothing works.
I'm sad because I really needed something like this that was non-comedogenic for my face.
I MIGHT buy again in hopes that maybe I just got a bad tube last time but I don't know.

Review by tetrakis: I wish this had a flip top. I don't know why cosmetics companies still use screw-ons. Anyway, this is a good product. I use it on my cuticles, which can be very dry and are prone to painful hangnails. This can sting a little bit at first if you put it on over an open wound, but it does help quite a lot. It's a good product to have in the medicine cabinet just in case...

Review by mulhollanddrive: I have two tubes of this miracle cream/ointment. One in my bathroom and the other I keep in my mu bag. The consistency is like a creamy vaseline, but thinner. It's very easy to rub this into your skin. I've used it on mosquito bites and the itch is gone. I've also used this for chapped lips, dry cuticles, dry patch on my knee, paper cuts,.... on and on. I first bought this becuase I had red, dry, itchy patch on my eyelid due to who knows what (new eyeshadow?) and it wouldn't go away. I went to the drugstore for an ointment and found this in the first-aid section. I bought it and eye-thing went away in two days. I went back and bought another tube. I told my mom and friends to go buy it and we all love this. I'll always have it around. I'm thinking of buying a 3rd tube just becuase I always want one handy.

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Victoria's Secret Spa Whipped Body Cream

Review by marsqurine: I absolutely love this product! It's another winner from VS's Spa line that was launched last fall. It's creamy, really hydrates well, and is especially great post-shower. The scent last pretty well, so I think it would definitely compete with a perfume. Best when worn without any other scented products I think. It's just too bad that my dad is severely allergic to this stuff. That's the only reason why I wouldn't buy it again.

Review by KateN: My husband gave me this cream as a christmas gift. I love this scent and sense!!! It made me fresh and relax.

Review by bunnyrabbit: I love this lotion. It is the only lotion I can find that will hold in moisture for extended periods of time without becoming greasy. It also smells great too. Although pricy, its one of the best I swear by it.

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Nivea Smooth replenishing lotion dry skin

Review by kimmie578: I am so happy I found this lotion. It really does make your skin soft and smooth, and it lasts really well. It is a little greasy before it sinks in, but then again, I've never found a non-greasy moisturizer that did its job properly. I also really like that it doesn't have a heavy fragrance. I used to use the classic Nivea lotion sometimes, but think that this actually much better!

Review by blueaygi: I got a sample of this and I must say I'm impressed. I'm not a nivea fan (except for the pink toner HG material), au contraire, I don't like the fragrance nor the occasional greasiness of their face creams. But this lotion is very nice. The scent is not overwhelmingly nivea-esque and the consistency is really great, moisturizing enough without being heavy. On hands it's just as good, fast absorbing and again not greasy. I'm seriously thinking of buying this. I bought a bottle of this heavenly lotion the same day. It moisturizes for a full day so thumbs up from me. I took off one lippie for the parabens. It's also the reason why I stopped buying this.

Review by catlover9_9: I got this dirt cheap!! It was 6cdn (400ml) and came with a free full sz of their daily moisturizing face cream (50ml). The scent can be quite strong at first, but once it sinks in... I actually find it quite pleasant. Does a good job in moisturizing without being greasy. Nice consistency as well. Would repurchase =)

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