which body lotion is good?3 easy to use body lotion review

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By Monica

which body lotion is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use body lotion review!


Alba Botanica Max Dry Skin Formula w/ AHA & Antioxidents

Review by lipstickcrazy: This is one of my favorites. It is very rich and moisturizing, but never greasy or heavy and it sinks in very quickly. This is very important to me because I can't stand the filmy feeling some moisturizers leave behind. I use this all over my body, even my face, and never break out. My skin is so soft it feels like baby skin, seriously. The only complaint I have is that it is somewhat pricey... About 10 per bottle, but it's so worth it.

Review by lizbert: This is my HG body lotion. Moving to a colder climate gave me a case of the winter itch and after several failed attempts this gave me relief and softened my skin. The smell is a little strong, I agree, but it does go alway quickly, at least on my skin.

Review by taurusgurl5984: HG HG HG! Okay so I have very sensitive skin and everything makes me break out in hives or a rash or something else horrible. Really, even dove soap is too strong for me. Also, I have dry, itchy, flaky winter skin and no lotion seems to help . . . until I found this little gem! What a great buy! It truly helps with my KP on my arms and keeps my skin nice and soft all day long. :) The only thing is the smell, which I think is nice. My bf also thinks its nice but says that it makes this lotion a girl-only lotion. Oh well! More for me! :D
One last thing, don?t use this on your face. I did and it gave me three huge pimples. Ugh, this is definitely a body only lotion.

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Sephora Whipped Body Delight in White Peach

Review by peachy905: i got one of the small sizes of white peach from my friend during christmas. while it smells really like peach, its also quite moisturizing. however during those super-dry winter days this wasn't enough for me. i've already finished the little 'tub', and may not buy it again b/c i want to try other body cream/lotions. the packaging wasn't exactly the most hygienic ones either, you have to stick your fingers into the cream each time and get the cream in between your nails. yuck. overall, i like the smell and its not over stickiness.

Review by pulidobl: I really like the Whipped Body Delights from Sephora. They have a nice selection of fragrant and creamy body butter type lotion to choose from. I love how this product is so thick but not greasy. White Peach smells good! The peachy smell is the first and dominate note in this product which is so nice. I could do without the oil smell of vitamin E or castor oil or something that ruins the intensity of the peach smell. However,I will purchase again.

Review by bklyncowgirl: I am a big peach-scent fan. I love this scent, it beats my former fave, SmellThis Canned Peaches. The packaging is cute, but not enough product for the money (9 bucks). I prefer tubes because of cleanliness and whatnot, but whatever. Make sure the lid is on tight! The scent stays awhile, which is good for a lotion. This is a good hand lotion, you would probably have to buy 10 of them to make it a body lotion for regular use!

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Bare Escentuals Escentuals conditioner for the body

Review by Olive143: Love this and the EdT, too!

Review by lorrainer07: It's hard to describe the scent of this lotion because it changes so much. I can smell a hint of coconut, vanilla, orange, and fresh flowers. It just smells clean and yummy. I thought at first that 18 for lotion was expensive but you get a lot and this will last me quite a while. The lotion is super thick too and it makes my skin feel silky and soft with that entoxicating scent all over me. It's a beautiful scent.

Review by Lola_Bear: I'm the odd man out on this one. I really liked the consistency, and it IS very mousturizing, but I just don't like the scent (and it's a *strong* scent - it smells like awapuhi/white ginger to me). I had flashbacks of high school when I used that overpowering Paul Mitchell product (I know I'm dating myself here).

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