which body lotion is good?3 best body lotion

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By Christina

which body lotion is good?Let's see the 3 best body lotion !


Bath and Body Works Body Cream - Night Blooming Jasmine

Review by ninanina: This is one of the only lotions that I consistently get compliments on. I work in customer service and I had a guy actually come back to the office just to ask what scent I was wearing. Just love the scent -- sweet and floral at the same time. Perfect for me!

Review by belladoggie00: This is my second bottle and I really like the scent. It's also long lasting, closed to my another favorite "Plumeria". I didn't know it's discontinued. If I known that, I'd purchase more as they're buy 3, get one free at Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, VA. I subscribe BBW's emails so I got a coupon for free bottle with 10 purchase. I normally don't buy with regular price, 9.50.

Review by shopgirl087: This is a very nice scent, but watch out if you decide to stockpile on this product. Since I love buying BBW products on sale, I tend to stockpile when I have coupons or when there is a big sale. This means that I wind up putting the product away and then using it later when I want a particular scent or have run out of something. I just opened up my container of cream in this scent and found out that this formula didn't hold very well. The scent is not as strong as when I first bought it, and the cream is a lot less thick, almost watery. I have a few containers of the white tea and ginger creams that have stood the test of time really well. The cream is still thick and smells just as nice as in the store. I would buy this product again, but only if I was planning on using it right away.

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Kiehls Creme de Corps Lightweight Body Lotion

Review by AimeeO: WONDERFUL product!!! It sinks in quickly and is very moisturizing without being greasy; it has a pleasant and very subtle scent. It's a fantastic product that is perfect for Southern summers.

Review by Pinki: I've been on a Kiehl's kick lately and purchased this on a whim. This lotion is FABULOUS. Instant HG status; I will be using this for as long as it's made. This is a lighter version of Kiehl's famous Creme de Corps lotion, which is very good but a little too rich and greasy- it takes a few minutes to absorb after applying before you can get dressed. This is a soothing, creamy lotion (it's the perfect consistency - not too rich, not too light) without any fragrance that absorbs instantly and leaves skin feeling like silk, all day.

Review by cloud0204: Absorbs well, pleasant scent and the SPF 30 is a great plus.
The price is a bit ridiculous, but so far, I think it's worth it.....

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Jergens Skin Smoothing Lotion

Review by tambien: This was the Must Have lotion for both my sister and I. I impressed her with it's ability to remove the bumpies on the back of my arms, and it's ability to keep my body flake free.
I was terribly disappointed when they changes the formulation, and told Jergens so. They removed the alpha hydroxy from the product. The new product did not work as well for me or my sister. We thus have gone on buying sprees when we come across the old formulation, generally buying the store out of their stock.
So I say yes to buying the old formulation again, and no to the new formulation. Although I did like the new formulation when I mixed it with Vaseline's Healthy Body Complexion Lotion - to add the alpha hydroxy back.

Review by taskeeng: I have bought this lotion multiple times over the years. It was my HG winter hand lotion until I found Eucerin intensive plus repair hand creme. I still like this lotion for my body, and sometimes on my hands when I want something lighter. I am not bothered by the beads and really wouldn't notice them if they weren't darker than the lotion. I preferred the scent of the older version but this one is okay. I did like the older version just a little better but I still love this lotion; it saves my skin from the dryness of winter but is light enough for summer use.
I don't like the pump on the bottle since it seems hard to use one-handed without knocking the bottle over.

Review by Vaniessa: Another nice lotion from Jergens. But it is not moisturizing well compares to the Age-Defying Multi Vitamins formula. This has got AHA / BHA and I used it on my butt to smooth out and the result was not bad but when I used it on my arm for sometime I could see that I got tanned faster than usual.(not sure whether there?s anything to do with the AHA/BHA that contained in this lotion???) anyway, it?s good lotion but I won?t buy again as I prefer Age-Defying Multi Vitamins formula for my very dry skin.

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