which body gel ranking first?3 easy to use body gel

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which body gel ranking first?Let's see the 3 easy to use body gel !


St. Ives Collagen/Elastin Body Wash

Review by stellaluna2: Used a whole bottle of this during school. Made my skin feel almost slimy in the shower, like I wasn't entirely clean, but I think this translated into not having to use as much moisturizer afterwards. Not bad, and it did do the job, but I couldn't deal with feeling like I was covered in pond scum for the payoff of skipping lotion once in a while.
I also noticed that it made the shower slick.

Review by sleepyone: I am somewhat of a compulsive body wash buyer--I love pleasantly scented shower experiences--and this is surprisingly one of my favorites. It's very moisturizing and comforting, both in texture and scent--very clean. Love it, and you sure can't beat the price!

Review by London84: This was my cheaper alternative to Dove Body Wash until Dove changed its scent. Now this is my HG. Whenever I find the 25% free packaging, I buy 10. I love this. The scent is light and fresh, it is thick, lathers well (I use a pouf), rinses clean, and leaves my skin soft and lightly moisturized. Will use this forever. Great product at a great price.

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Suave Naturals Body Wash in Cocoa Butter

Review by sophie_tan: As much as I love the smell (very close to their old Cocoa and Shea Butter wash) and the lathering ability of this body wash, it just doesn't cut it for me in the moisturizing department. I tried this right at the beginning of summer, when my city put extra chemicals into their water which dried my skin out. Honestly, I couldn't tell any difference between this and my regular BBW shower gels in terms of moisture. And in the end, my skin stayed just as dry as it had before. No re-buy for me!

Review by andij: Pretty average body wash with a nice light cocoa scent. Not super moisturizing, but doesn't seem to be drying either. It has difficulty keeping up the lather in my morning shower, but that's probably because it's having to deal with the massive amount of lotion I put on the night before. Overall, I might repurchase, depending on whether it was the cheapest thing at the store which is why I bought it in the first place.

Review by lizbert: This is the closest thing I can find to my discontinued favorite, which was their "Cocoa and Shea Butter" body wash. This one still smells great (a little more like chocolate) and is cleansing without drying or irritating my skin, and it's still dirt cheap. However, the consistency is slightly more like a gel than the old formula, and I'm not a fan of the light brown color (the other one was white). Still, I haven't found anything that works as well for the price.

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Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash

Review by Olive143: This is one of the few drugstore options for a gentle body cleanser. I liked it, but it is a bit too creamy for my liking. With that said, it does a good job overall cleaning and best of all it doesn't irritate my skin. I would repurchase Aveeno, but probably a different formulation that's a bit lighter.

Review by DawnD: I love this lavender scented body wash of aveeno, light in scent, and cleans gently,My body felt softer, and also, without no after dry feel, I felt clean, lightly moisturized, fresh, I highly recommend this and all the aveeno body washes!!! EXCELLENT!!!

Review by hersheyb: Smells great and very moisturising. I love lavender and love this product. I wish it lathered a little more though.

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