which body gel is the best?3 top body gels

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By Marcella

which body gel is the best?Let's see the 3 top body gels !


Caress Caress Evening Silkening

Review by mz654: This did smell lovely--a gentle, soapy jasmine that wasn't too floral and had an interesting peppery 'bite'--almost like men's aftershave. I liked it a lot, though the fragrance doesn't linger afterwards. It's a nice, normal soap with creamy lather that rinses very clean, but it doesn't really moisturize at all. I'll use up what I have, but won't repurchase.

Review by Jennybear: I have the gel--it is a beautiful sparkly blue/purple color. This smells soooo good, is really cheap, and makes my skin so soft that even my DH commented on how soft my skin is! It lathers up great. I like to shave my legs with it too, leaves my legs so smooth. Will definitely repurchase!

Review by runtagua: Mmm this smells divine, I love the jasmine scent. I bought this because I'm a night showerer for the most part,and this smells terrific, leaving my skin UNBELIEVABLY soft. You have no idea how well this lathers also. Sheesh I could go on about this forever...I've tried the Daily Silkening but this takes the cake... It's very uniquely scented, sophisticated, lovely and soft.

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Softsoap Softsoap Naturals Milk & Honey Body Wash

Review by tambien: I've always preferred bars to body washes. But this Softsoap body wash is really nice. It smells divine but isn't really strong and doesn't clash withperfume. It's inexpensive and moisturizes my body well. The only problem is the texture is a bit "solidly globby" making it difficult to hold or lather.

Review by catlover9_9: Mmmmm! I LOVE how this smells both in the shower and the lighly sweet scent that lingers after! (and I usually prefer floral scents) I would buy this just for the scent, but fortunately it *does* moisturize and leave your skin amazingly soft, too! AND, it's inexpensive! You really can't go wrong with this!

Review by clnfox: nice moisturizing, smells sweet not overpowering

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Gillette Satin Care shave gel for Sensitive Skin

Review by zhenya: I have sensitive skin and always got red rashes after shaving, until now!
Easy to use, smells fresh.
I'm sticking with it.

Review by kimberpoo: I LOOOVE this. It went on sale at target and Ive bought it ever since. It smells like Lancomes Oui! Perfume!!! Its really creamy and it does work for sensitive skin. My shower time is better cuz of this

Review by suze9_8: I usually use this or Skintimate Sensitive gel (whichever's cheaper/on sale, though this is generally cheaper at regular price). One thing I prefer about this over the Skintimate one is that the fragrance is lighter. It's barely noticeable and not florally (maybe a hint of cucumber or just the aloe even? I'm not sure). Both are good though in that they lather nicely, protect my legs well and give me a smooth, close shave. I didn't like the old Satin Care formula when I had tried it years ago. I found it was too runny and didn't lather much, leaving my legs unprotected. They've changed it sometime since then though, and it's great now.

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