which body gel is the best?3 top body gel reviews

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which body gel is the best?Let's see the 3 top body gel reviews!


Yves Rocher Plaisirs De Nature Peach Shower Gel

Review by shimmering: I like this. First it comes ii a big bottle that dosn't cost that much, and the scent is subtle. It really does smell of Peach ! I mean it doesn't sound chimical or fake, it's like washing in peaches !

Review by GreeneyedGal: Ok I dont know if I got a bad batch or something but the gel I had (a small 1.7oz bottle in a kit of 4 different "flavors") smelled terribly bad. Very plastic, chemical smell!

Review by miss_mac: This product smells lik efresh peaches--not surprizing, considering it contains 2% peach juice. To me this is the most natural scented product in the plaisirs nature line and one that I love and hav erepurchased. recently I noticed that L'oreal for kids makes a similar scented bath gel though--but if you like using grown-up products--this is a very yummy scent.

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Olay Olay Silk Whimsy Cleansing Body Wash

Review by betsyab: This product smells similar to La Senza's Sheer Romance perfume and shower gel and body lotion line. It's a nice scent, but I wouldn't say it's very rose and almond smelling. I love rose scents and I'm a sucker for pink and I liked the shape of the bottle so I picked it up to try. I also really like the retro reminding picture of the Oil of Olay woman on it. Another plus is that this time, their shower gel is more liquidy instead of creamy. It's easier to pour out and spread around, but it also goes quickly! I like that the smell lingers after you shower too, I buy body washes for the smell and I like it to linger afterwards.
Bought the purple one too; not sure which one I like better. I have so many shower gels, I would not have to repurchase.

Review by joheinous: this is a review for the silk whimsy body lotion..... i havent tried the wash but so far i love the lotion. i have a hard time with lotions bc they dont lock moisture into my skin, or they lock too much and get greasy...and i live in humid temperatures so that is a nono! i like this lotion because it smells wonderful and it does a good job of moisturizing!!! would recommend...and its pretty good for a drugstore brand!

Review by sjcsmall: The smell is wonderful and the scent stays on your skin for a long time...will buy again!

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Dove Cool Moisture Body Wash

Review by Leelee57: I didn't like this product. I agree with Saralee2's statement below that this product has the smell of "over-ripe bananas". That's exacly what it smells like to me too but I couldn't quite place the scent until I read her post, lol. Gross. It does lather well but I do not think it moisturizes well at all. It left my skin feeling dry! From the hype I thought it would leave my skin feeling hydrated but it definitely has below average hydration. It reminds me of the sub-standard St. Ives body washes...plenty of suds but drying on the skin. It doesn't feel like it rinses well either or perhaps it just is a sticky type. I definitely prefer Oil of Olay with Shea Butter because it lathers well and definitely keeps skin moisturized. This retails for approximately 6.99

Review by almighty_curv: Fabulous product, definitely in the top three bodywashes I have ever used. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that it is noticeably moisturizing but actually leaves my skin feeling CLEAN when I get out of the shower. I can't stand those yucky bodywashes that leave a lotion-like film even after rinsing! (I like to apply lotion AFTER my shower, thank you very much =) Speaking of which, the Cool Moisture lotion is awesome too. I live in super-humid Florida, and this lotion absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft-not greasy like most lotions do in hot weather. However, if you live in a cooler, dryer climate or have cold winters, I could see how the lotion might be a little too light. Both great products though- really fantastic!

Review by bobsy: I love the scent of this, but it leaves my skin feeling dry and filmy.

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