which body gel is the best?3 popular body gels

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By Helen

which body gel is the best?Let's see the 3 popular body gels !


Philosophy Eggnog Latte 3-in-1

Review by coolRED: This is the same as the "Old Fashioned Eggnog" they came out with a couple years ago. I have them both and compared them side by side. There is no coffee scent to this whatsoever. While this is a true eggnog scent (which smells great!), it does not smell like an eggnog latte, so the name is misleading. I was really hoping to try something different and not the same thing I already owned. I don't like that Philosophy recycles old scents and calls them something new a year or two later. If you were looking for the discontinued "Old Fashioned Eggnog" scent this one is for you! If you are looking for a coffee scent I'd definitely pass on this one.

Review by JettNY: I don't know if this smells the same as Philosophy's Old-Fashioned Eggnog 3-in-1, as I've never tried that one, but the Eggnog Latte smells just like eggnog. I don't really detect any of the coffee fragrance that you would expect of an eggnog latte, but it smells delicious just the same. It makes my mouth water and puts me in the mood for an eggnog latte.

Review by bobsy: I don't smell much of the "latte" in eggnog latte -- the eggnog scent is overpowering! If you love eggnog, as I do, that's a good thing. This wash is strongly scented and foamy, and it puts me in a holiday mood whenever I use it. I wish the scent of philosophy 3-in-1's lasted on your skin.

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Kiss My Face Cold and Flu Bath

Review by CancerianPrincess: Tremendous product, I share it with my mom. Provides a nice relief. Will buy again and recommend to friends.

Review by shimmering: Like taking shower with a cough drop. Which is a sick girl's dream.

Review by kjjamm808: This stuff is amazing! The scent is really strong, kind of a eucalyptus/peppermint blend. Really aromatic! It will clear your head. It's good in the shower or in a bath. Does not dry out your skin and leaves it all tingly.

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Bath and Body Works Tutti Dolci Angel Food Cake Creme Body Wash

Review by kimby83: I liked this in the bottle, but it didn't smell while I was using it in the shower. I can see why it was 75% off.

Review by Jennybear: This has to be the most fantastic body wash I have tried in a long time. So decadent! I absolutely love the vanilla cakey scent, it has a rich creamy lather and leaves my skin oh so soft. Paired with the matching lotion I can smell the angel food cake scent throughout the day. Two thumbs way up!

Review by Cygentte3: Sold out rather quickly at all the BBW near me. My one gripe with all the TD shower cremes: I hate the packaging b/c I caught this leaking in my BBW bag the day I purchased it, and again in my shower a few days later! Ugh-really wish they'd repackage these somehow to prevent leaks. I love angel food cake. The scent isn't as powerful in the shower as some others, but it's still wonderful and mouth-watering. I wish I had gotten a few more when they were available.

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