which body gel is good?3 top body gels

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which body gel is good?Let's see the 3 top body gels !


Kneipp Kneipp Herbal Shower & Bath Gel

Review by pretty_please: I found the 6.8 oz. tube of Orange and Linden Blossom scent at TJ Maxx for 4.99. Love this stuff! Smells so fresh. Orange blossom anything can be quite cloying, but this caputures the smell of the oranges, the blossoms, and the green leaves and stems. Happy, happy, happy smell! Very gentle on the skin, even in hard water.

Review by misswillow: Every day my little gift to myself is a shower with Kneipp Juniper body wash. The sense of smell is the most evocative of all the senses and the juniper transports me to a pine forest (but not in a household cleaner way that I find with most other pine scented shower gels). I am currently using the Rosemary which is second on the list but does not top the juniper wintergreen scent. The scents do not linger on the body. I cant believe i am quoting an old commercial....they are more expensive than drugstore varieties but I am worth it!

Review by Lola_Bear: I was really disappointed in this product. I purchased the sample package of 6 from Sephora. Each sample is about the size of your palm and when opened the gel inside does not even fill the bottle but comes about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up.
Thus when I used it, I used it very sparingly. Just a few dabs to get the feel of it.
The scents are very concentrated and thats fine if you enjoy the scent. The Spruce and Pine reminded me of cleaning fluid.
I think a big bottle of Dove body wash from the drugstore is a much better value.

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Crabtree & Evelyn Freesia Soap

Review by sjcsmall: I love this fragrance! I am a soap addict and am always trying new ones, but this one is a keeper. The scent isn't too strong and what a delightful scent. I love going in their store. Even my son commented on how nice the store smelled-go figure. I plan on buying some other products in this scent.

Review by spitfireseven: I adore this scent and this is a decent soap too. Isn't too drying. I actually like the soap better than the shower gel in the same scent even though I normally opt for the more convenient shower gels over soaps in general. I think the soap smells better. Stock up when they are on sale. I recently bought one for 3.60 USD at one of the outlets.

Review by lizbert: I love this soap, it's a little luxury I give myself when my mood is down.
The SA told me that it is the most popular choice among brides'.
mm... I guess it does smells fresh and romantic.

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Korres Mint Tea Shower Gel

Review by Caligirl42990: I bought this while on holiday in Greece, and spent some time sniffing my way through the different fragrances. I tend to like fresh, citrusy fragrances in showergel, but Korres Citrus didn't appeal to me (too masculine), and after having a hard time to decide between whether to choose Spearmint or Mint Tea, I went for the latter. So far, so good. This showergel is decent enough; it has a quite slippery texture, yet produces a certain amount of lather, unlike e.g. REN showergels (which I much prefer). But the scent has done the opposite of growing on me. It doesn't at all smell of mint tea, but has a rather unpleasant masculine note which fortunately doesn't linger. But since life is too short to use not-quite-there products, I will use it up (or rather: trick my hb into using it) and not look back.

Review by Capprii: I love this stuff, it has a very refreshing scent, I agree with one of the other reviewers that it is a unisex scent. Anyway I think it smells delicious, and will definately repurchase.

Review by jules2064: Pros: Smells fantastic while you're using it, leaves skin feeling moisturized and soft, price (if you get it on sale- I got it on Hautelook for about 5)
Cons: Doesn't lather very much (I use a Salux bath cloth- it absolutely did not lather as much as my regular liquid Dove soap). The smell does not stay on the skin, so while you will feel minty fresh whilst showering, it won't last very long. And... price, if you pay full price.
I would not purchase this at full price, but at the price I paid for it, sure. So I'll give it a yes.

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