which body gel is good?3 recommended body gel

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By Elena

which body gel is good?Let's see the 3 recommended body gel !


Avon Naturals Shower Gel-Cucumber Melon

Review by labelslut: I got this and the lotion for 1 during a representative special and I love it! It lathers so well and the smell is fresh and clean. I usually don't like fruity scents but this is definitely a winner!

Review by Loriwong: I got really sick of the cucumber-melon scent after I used BBW for so long, but when Avon came out with a new cucumber melon scent, I figured I'd give it a shot.
I *love* it! It smells a lot cleaner and fresher than BBW, and I'm still not sick of it! It's different, but not so different that you lose the cucumber melon feeling.

Review by lmharte: This has such a fresh and clean scent, I imagine everyone would like this product. It lathers better when I don't use the pouf. Handy bottle design. I bought a few of these for 1.99 based on the reviews here and I couldn't be more pleased.

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Unlisted Brand Clearly Natural - glycerine Soap

Review by fitnessa: Awesome soap. I use it on my face, body, and even hair. The scents are high quality and very pleasant. Not overpowering and cheap. I recommend to everyone!

Review by Sybil84: This soap is cheap, and it cleanses without leaving me greasy (a problem I have with many soaps). And the scents (I've tried strawberry, jasmine and honeysuckle) are light and pleasant.

Review by dlbd2k06: At first I wasn't impressed because there is not a lot of lather. But, after how it made my skin feel, I'm definately going to switch to using this for hands and showering. You get used to the lack of lather actually. It will really clean your skin and leave it smooth and soft. I like that it is natural too.

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Dove Cool Moisture Cucumber & Green Tea, 4.25 oz Bars

Review by jamelia: This smells so good and it really leaves your skin soft. I will buy again

Review by pretty_please: I love this soap. It smells beautiful and keeps my skin in great condition. Great pick-me-up in the morning shower!

Review by betsyab: Wonderful soap. Smells so good! When this fragrance came out, I was obsessed. I had this soap and the matching body wash, deodorant, and body spray! Now I've calmed down from that, but I still think it's a wonderful fragrance that makes you and your whole bathroom smell great. Also, this soap leaves your whole body clean and moisturized. I really enjoy the soap and will buy it again and again.

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