which body gel is good?3 good body gel

By Monica

which body gel is good?Let's see the 3 good body gel !


Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Bath Gel

Review by vengland: I agree with the review below, I only use it when I want to pamper myself, cuz it doesn't foam very well, so I have to use more product then with normal bath gels.
But the experience is luxourious

Review by KateN: I love this soap but it doesn't last, thus making it a little pricey. I am done with a bar a week. If you leave it for too long the fragrance wears off.

Review by mriaow: I love the way this shower gel smells =) I also love the fact that the smell doesn't wear off right after I get out of the shower. A lot of rose-scented shower gels dont smell as good as this one! I highly recommend this gel!

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Korres Kings and Queens Nefertiti Honey

Review by biomechmonster: I have to agree this is one of my Favorite "Honey" scents on the market and it's affordable too. The scent lingers on you skin after a few hours too. I also like that pearlized look of the gel when you squeeze it out of the bottle.

Review by mworley00: This is my favorite of all honey scented body products. It never turned into a cloying, or plasticy scent, just sweet delicious honey.
The body wash itself was very creamy and produced a great lather. It wasn't mega moisturizing, but definitely not drying either.
Love it!

Review by OutofControl: If you like honey scented products, you'll be amazed. In fact the whole Nefertiti Honey line's amazing; true, delicious honey scent. The packaging's also adorable. Now as for this shower gel, apart from smelling heavenly, it lathers nicely and cleans without drying out the skin. The scent doesn't linger for me, but if I want that, I'll just use the matching lotion after it anyway. All in all, a very satisfying product, and a very yummy smelling one.

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LUSH Glogg Shower Gel

Review by nishie: GLOGG is the perfect warm scent for those cold winter days!
Cinnamon and clove fight it out with the wine and make this shower gel a winning spicy scent. :) And everyone who loves spicy fragrances should try this out because it's not just cinnamon in there!
Cons (to me) include that this was a seasonal/"limited to holiday season"/"is it coming back?" soap, the price (since it expires in about 1 year), and the preservatives (as I try to avoid them), and the texture (very liquid-y, but foams up and cleans well for me).
Biggest "pro" to me is this smell actually stays with me all day! It lingers better than any fragrance I have ever tried!
:) Not only would I buy this again, I stocked up for the whole year!

Review by Viognier: I love Glogg!! It smells like cinnamon and cloves. It's a very warming scent, but does not feel warm on the skin or anything. I got it for a end of year sale, so it was 50% off, only 4.50. A great buy :)

Review by pulidobl: I absolutely love Glogg!!! It smells like the best kind of incense; spicy, warming and atmospheric. To me it feels like a big hug when I lather it up in the shower.
I've heard that Glogg was created for the fellas, but I find it gender neutral. Though if you're solely into sweet scents like Snow Fairy, you might find it too masculine.
Fingers crossed for it to come out again next Christmas!!
I'll be getting two 500ml bottles if it does, one for me and one for the boyfriend, haha.

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