which body gel is good?3 best body gel

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By Vicky

which body gel is good?Let's see the 3 best body gel !


LUSH Bob soap

Review by Keva: Bob soap is Lush' new Christmas soap. It's a dark green soap and smells like the Christmas massage bar from Lush. It's spicy, but also smells like candy. I'm not sure what I think about it yet, but I guess it's nice. I wish it lathered up better though and I expected it to be a lot more cinnamon-y.

Review by zhenya: As far as Lush soaps go, this is best I've found so far. Why? Because this is the only Lush soap that has lasted over a week in my shower! I tend to agree with my DH who complains that Lush is waaay too expensive for a soap that's not even going to last a week. I liked the smell of Bob. It was like Christmas to me. Oranges, cinnamon and maybe just the smallest hint of pine. Even though the lather was a very unappealing green-brown color. I still would maybe re-purchase this since it actually seemed to last.

Review by shelby1123: This soap is my favorite. One caveat though~it doesn't last long and your face cloth will look nasty green when it's on it, but fear not! It washes away. The scent is sexy and lasted on my skin until the morning after a hot shower. Wish this scent was in more hair care items.
I don't think the Christmas massage bar smells anything like it, in fact I don't care for the scent in the massage bar at all.
I am stocking up, and buying it for all my family this season!(Men and women!)
Yeah Lush!

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Bath and Body Works Magnolia Blossom shower gel

Review by mworley00: Oh if only they didnt discontinue this... BBW doesn't necessarily make the best body washes, but they do have nice scents once in a while and boy, do I miss this one.

Review by redheadjane: AMAZING SCENT!!!! I love bathing in this. Works up a really luxurious lather and gets me squeaky clean.

Review by clnfox: I've never smelled an actual magnolia blossom before, so I don't know if this scent is true to life or not. But I do know that it smells absolutely amazing! I love how it's florally and easy for me to get addicted to! I can spend a few minutes smelling it straight out of the bottle! But at the same time it's not so OTT that I get a headache! I wish I could say more about this, but there's no other scents I can think of to compare it to. Just for reference, the back of the bottle says "magnolia blossom blended with honeysuckle, white sandalwood, and soft amber".

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Decleor Gel Douche Exfoliant

Review by Lyssa2676: I just got some of this in a sample pack and boy do I love it!! The smell is really nice, a sweet fresh scent that lingers on your skin hours after you shower. The exfoliating bits are tiny, so it isn't rough on sensitive skin. I would love to buy a big tube of this. I forgot to mention...it left my dry skin soft, smooth and silky- I didn't even need body lotion afterwards. Most Decleor products I have tried are pretty excellent even though they are pricey.

Review by bobsy: More of a gel than a scrub, this comes in a tube and has a thick gel texture and a light, pretty floral scent. It gives a rich creamy lather and leaves my skin peachy-soft and not at all dried out like some gels can. There are a few large scrubby particles lurking in there, but they're sparse and barely noticeable. It's quite gentle enough for everyday use, if maybe a little pricy. Recommended if you're after a luxurious body cleanser, but not a serious exfoliator, despite the name.

Review by navarre: Nice body exfoliant. One of the best I've ever tried.

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