which blush ranking first?3 top blushs review

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which blush ranking first?Let's see the 3 top blushs review!


Revlon Matte Powder Blush in Rose Rapture

Review by Jessimau: I'm always a fan of blushes that provide a mirror and brush because that means I can apply and reapply blush anywhere! I like matte blushes because blushes with sparkles tend to provide me with a fake look but this matte blush gives me a natural look which i love! This blush also lasts me forever. I just use one swipe of it on each cheek and I'm good. I don't really reapply because it'll look heavy. So once in the morning for my makeup routine lasts me for the day. This product was bought almost a year ago. It lasts me a long time provided I use it once a day. The blush is soft and the pop-up mirror is just so convenient then pulling out another compact mirror. One of the better blushes I've had.

Review by taurusgurl5984: Since purchasing this blusher I have gone of pinky blushers, however this is very wearable. I have NW15/20 skin and this is just enough to give a bit of a glow. It is not very heavily pigmented which I prefer in a blusher. It just means you can keep applying until you have achieved the look you want - be that a subtle healthy glow or Ann Sally type cheeks. I love the packaging of this product - the little pop up mirror is so cute. I'm not terrible fond of the brush but that is an easily rememdied problem!

Review by blueaygi: This blush is a beautiful, innocent-yet-sexy shade of shell-rose. In my experience, use your own blush brush instead of the one that comes with the product, in order to get better application and pigmentation. Don't get me wrong, the brush included is well-made and very soft, but it is too soft and doesn't pick up enough of the blush at all. I would definitely buy again. It costs 9.99 at Walgreens, but there's a 40% off sale this week, so I got it for only 5.99!

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Alima Satin Matte Blush in Honey Rose

Review by island_honey: It's gorgeous, it's well-priced, it LASTS all day....what's not to LOVE?! Alima's website calls this a "warm medium rose" and even though I usually wear cool/neutrals, this looks SO pretty on my lt/med olive skin!!! Very natural looking but fresh and brightening; my HG lippie, Revlon Super Lustrous l/s in Deep Nude looks beautiful with this blush (fabulous combo paired with plum eyes). Sort of a warm medium carnation pink, I use my Flirt skunk brush and get a perfect application (all Alima's mmu comes with a sifter). I LOVE ALIMA!!!

Review by jlinh2u: I got a sample of this as an extra and I really like it. I'm super warm and light-medium toned and this looks wonderful on me. Very warm and healthy and natural.

Review by coolRED: I originally did not want to buy this blush, even though it was beautiful on my G5 skin, it is very similar to "Melon" (which I also love), only a touch more pink, while Melon is a little bit more on the peachy/apricot side. But, alas, I could not resist. Goes on so smooth, and lasts almost all day (since i have slightly oily skin and i tend to rub). It is a medium pink, very natural looking. I love Alima blushes...I can't get enough!

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Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Color - BLAZE

Review by liselise1: The color is very natural. It really does look like you're naturally blushing. It's also quite easy to apply. I just don't like the square packaging that much. But the product itself is great.

Review by nishie: I don't usually wear makeup due to the fact that I'm terrible at application and I've never really found anything that I like.
This blush changed my mind.
This blush is amazing! looks like you are blushing (imagine that!) and is pretty easy to apply once you get the hang of it.
If I had to pick two makeup products that I'll use forever this would be one of them (I'd also choose the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer)

Review by marsqurine: SCARY red-orange in the pan, but when used sparingly, it imparts the most beautiful natural glow. This is my almost-every-day go-to. I love the ease of cream blushes, and although this is drier than some it goes on and blends beautifully (like a DREAM over Perfekt or other primer/product). The colour is natural and lasts all day - a bonus for a low-maintenance chick like me who wants to look good but not work too hard at doing it :-)

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