which blush ranking first?3 recommended blush compare

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By Elena

which blush ranking first?Let's see the 3 recommended blush compare!


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Cheeky Bronze

Review by London84: I was disappointed in general with the MSF's and blushes in this collection (Colour Crafted). The colors were absolutely stunning, but too shimmery and glittery... After debating a lot whether to get an MSF or not, decided to purchase this one. The color is gorgeous, it really is, however I mainly like using the MSF?s for during the day and do not tend to grab for this one that much due to the glittery/shimmery look it has. I can see myself using it for a night look. I gave it a 3 star because of the color, but i will not be repurchasing this product.

Review by pinktulip: i love the color.. peachy yet you look natural.. i've been using this for a while and i loved it.. be careful not to over do it.. it could be really pink.. had never really break out with it .. my face has a little sensitivity to it, though.. otherwise, will definitely recommend it.. lasts me for a while.. like the packaging.. one of the best from MAC..

Review by drusilladru: So, I think I can say I'm addicted to MSFs. This shade is probably my fave of all. It's a beautiful shade, a pretty pinky orange on my olive skin. I actually use it lightly all over my face, and concentrate it on my cheeks. As long as you watch your hand, you CAN avoid looking like a 'disco ball'. This is a must have in your beauty arsenal, and lucky for me I work at a CCS so I snag a great deal on all kinds of discontinued goodies.

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Chanel Irreelle Blush-26 Neroli Rose

Review by dlbd2k06: This is my new HG blush. It is exactly what my blush collection needed. It is deeper than Narcisse blush, and shows little flecks of glitter, but those do not show up on my skin at all. This is the perfect pink blush for my PPP skin on days I am doing blue undertone makeup. (I am a definite pink undertone PPP, but I self tan a couple times a week all year around to camouflage a birthmark, so my skin looks a lot more yellow). I don't use the brush that comes with it because it is worthless, even though it is pretty. And I keep the little velvet jackets on my Chanel blushes so they stand less of a chance breaking if I drop them on the ground (being kind of clutzy).

Review by catlover9_9: My first Chanel blush, as I usually wear MAC. I must say this blush is truly a stunner. It is a sheer rose with silver sparkle, but not too much. No shimmer. It is a toned-down NARS Desire with extra sparkle. Definately a must-buy and gives a superb healthy-looking glow on a NW25 gal!

Review by mashafromrussia: this is my Fav blush . I'd been looking for cool tone pink blush for long time and this blush is that's is!
It is a sheer cool pink tone with just little bit silver sparkle,
I used Kanebo Tistimo blush over this blush to make more look
foggy finish. if you are cool skin tone I would recommend this blush,

I am fair skin/ Asian.

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BeneFit 10

Review by Stampy_76: I actually prefer this as an eyeshadow to a blush, i havent quite got the hang of that yet so i wont comment! so this is more to people who have bought this and hate it as a blush - its so nice as a natural eyeshadow! just apply the pink under the brow and it highlights it, then brown all over the lid and slightly on the browbone, and apply a bit of pink in the edges of your eyelids near your nose, then blend and voila!
overall the product is nice, but not great - but far better than dandelion which DOES NOT SHOW UP!

Review by pink_cosmos: I really like this product! I finally "get" contouring; I have defined cheekbones now! I see what others mean about the striping effect; I just blend them a little with my fingers, and I'm good to go. The brush, though it could be a bit small for others, is a great size for me, as I have petite features.

The cons: I'm cheap, and I think 28 is a bit much, but eBay is an option. I'm not sure if I'm supposed if your'e supposed to wear blush with this, but I sometimes do, and 10 can wash it out. But then again, I don't think blush is a must with this product...

I think this would work best on paler complexions; I can see it being rather chalky on medium or dark skin tones.

Review by oneofmylies99: I LOVE THIS BRONZER/BLUSH!!!! ITS THE BEST! only apply on cheeks and the contour of cheeks or else the rest of your face will look kinda sunburned and weird...anyways this is best used with a stippling brush. this is great because it has a very light shimmer and the combo of the bronzer and blush make your cheeks have a radiant glow. i recommend this product to EVERYONE! GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW!

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