which blush ranking first?3 popular blushs reviews

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which blush ranking first?Let's see the 3 popular blushs reviews!


MAC Variety

Review by tambien: RIS, I would probably give this a 3.5 lippie since it really needs to be applied with LIGHT HAND, and for a person who is mistake-prone like me, I wish the blush is a little bit more dull in color. That said, if applied sheerly, it gives the most natural flush on my yellow-tone skin. The texture is not as blendable as I would like it, but perhaps it's because of the rich pigment. It looks shimmery on the pan but once it is on, I cannot detect the shimmer at all, perhaps because I'm applying it sheerly. The pan is big enough for my blush brush to swirl on it, like any other MAC blush (btw. the MA applied this using MAC blush brush. It looked o.k. under in-store lighting but when I went outside it was a big huge streak!!) Probably won't buy again since this is a LE and a little goes a long way.

Review by dontblink15: I never would have picked up this blush judging by the way it looks in the pan. Thanks to MUA, this is now my favorite MAC blush, and I have many. It's a sparkly corally, pinkish, reddish color with gold, red, and pink shimmer. It's beautiful, but kinda hard to describe. :) It's very pigmented, so I only have to tap my brush on it to get enough color. I realize this is an over-used term, but it truly does give a "just in from the cold" look. It's just beautiful, and more subtle than I thought it would be. For reference, I'm a NC25.

Review by Springncts: This is a great, fun blush color. I have always used sheer toned blushes and this was such a pretty color I decided that it was going to be a great color for the holidays. It gives that first glass of wine feeling a little warm flush. I just love looking forward to wearing it.

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Stila Hint Blush

Review by iberian: Icky dull when looking at it for the first time, not sure what compelled me to buy this except that I'm low on blush (comparatively!) and I wanted to fill a palette. No, it's good stuff. That dull color is really lively on cheeks and isn't overly sparkly. Nice glowy finish that lasts a long time. Small amount for a high price, that's Stila and blush but good quality as usual.

Review by aml1: Stila Hint has been my favorite blush for a very long time! I am a PPP, and it is the perfect color for me. I have repurchased this blush several times. It is a very nice, neutral pink.

Review by abrilio: I'm a C3/LM Sunny Beige/JI Warm Sienna and this blush rocks! This is the first blush that I have ever used to the bottom of the pan. It gives a soft, matte, natural flush and is very blendable. It looks good even in dreaded overhead fluorescent office lighting. The shade is similar to MAC Cubic.

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Trucco Cheek Glaze in Sex Symbol

Review by jlinh2u: Love this stuff. I only wish I could find some more around my area, I'm almost out.
2 colors (red on one side/brown on the other) The red goes a LONG way so be careful how much you apply. The brown is more or less a bronzer, I use them both and get perfect results.

Review by mulhollanddrive: This is a great product, it looks very natural when applied and gives a great soft dewy look. The brown/gold shade is great for the "just in the sun" look and the pigment in the red shade goes a long way. I love this stuff. I don't use it every day so this has lasted a long time.

Review by miss_mac: This is the best gel blush I've ever tried. Easy to blend, comes in two different shades (pink and bronze) and leaves my cheeks dewy. The only problem would be the little amount of product, it goes very fast.

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