which blush ranking first?3 good blushs reviews

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which blush ranking first?Let's see the 3 good blushs reviews!


Stila Convertible Color Gerbera

Review by kerroppifreak: I'd tried Lillium and fallen in love with it, so I wanted to expand my CC collection. Gerbera is a bright, opaque peachy shade. Applied, it is nice and sheer, and gives my fair complexion a really healthy and natural burst of color. I pat it on lightly with my fingertips or pat it on with a sponge. Like a lot of Stila's CC's, don't rule it out just because it's a little scary in the pot!

Review by kit_kat68: I love this product. The color is a very natural healthy looking peach/coral shade. I only use this on my cheeks however- I don't see this working well on lips. Nice creamy formula and long lasting. A little goes a long way. I got it on ebay for 9.99 so it was a great deal.

Review by pink_cosmos: The color is quiet scary before you spread it out. If I dot a little on then rub rub rub, it turns into a lovely light pink peach color that is very natural on my NC 25 Asian skin. The only thing stops this from being perfect in my book is because it's too dry to use as lip color, plus it melted after I put lip gloss on top of it. =(

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Everyday Minerals Time Share

Review by fitnessa: I wanted to try a more affordable alternative to my Bare Minerals obsession. So, I tried an Everyday Minerals blush in Time Share. The color is beautiful, but the formula is not so great. It contains mica which has made me face dry, raw, and irritated. I wish I could use this. Sticking with BM is my only hope :/

Review by ZoSo: I usually prefer shimmery blushes, but Time Share is so lovely even though matte. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror today when I was wearing it and I was surprised about how fresh-faced and youthful I looked. It's the most perfect pink - not too light or babyish, but not too dark either.
It's matte, so it's even a bit subtle if you have a light hand. I layer Time Share on with a baby kabuki and I immediately have a warm glow.

Review by belladoggie00: Very pretty lilac-toned blush. Again, like with all EDM blushes I find them a little hard to blend so I have to work with them, but I like the natural flush that I can get with them. The containers are a little messy but there are ways to get around that (taping over the holes, storing it right side up, etc). I like that this blush is not very expensive either.

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Meow Cosmetics Mineral Blush

Review by munchlaxy: I love my Hissy Fit blush. I couldn't wish for better texture and it goes on so sheer and natural-looking every time. I've tried blush from Everyday Minerals, Aromaleigh and Lumiere and this blows them all out of the water.
I only wish they offered a medium or small size -- the big jars are a great value, but I wouldn't be able to use all that blush up in a million years (I solved my problem by buying two samples and putting them in a jar, but it would have been nice to simply buy a more modest size jar of product instead).

Review by isabellet: The colors are so pretty! I definitely would recommend. Meow Cosmetics is a FANTASTIC makeup :)

Review by marsqurine: This is one of the best mineral blushes that I have ever used. It is a very soft and creamy feeling powder and it applies like a dream. It is very long lasting. When I look in the mirror after a very long day I still have blush on. Most of the mineral blushes that I have tried are long gone by then. I own 6 colors. They are Peddle Pink, Hissy Fit, Flirt, Tickled Pink, What's New Pussycat?, and Tease. They are ALL gorgeous pinks. I definitely recommend this blush!:)

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