which blush is the best?3 top blush reviews

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By Stella

which blush is the best?Let's see the 3 top blush reviews!


Revlon Matte Blush in Blushing Berry

Review by bobsy: Love it. Looking to build my everyday signature look, for which I'd like pink/natural cheeks. I have other pink blushes but they're too vibrant/clowny (lol) - or they didn't show up. This is perfect, I'm also thrilled for how pale/natural it is, it does show up (W5 in L'Oreal True Match). My only complaint, the packaging. I could do without the mirror and brush, and instead make the block of blush bigger. This a keeper for sure.

Review by Vaniessa: I like this for when I just started wearing makeup. There isent alot of color payoff witch is good it you want a sheer wash of color. also think that if you tried you could build up the color.
I wouldn't buy this again but I definitely don not regret buying it.

Review by bossanovaville: I really like this blush. First of all it's matte, so that's a huge plus. Matte blushes just seem to look more natural, like the actual flush on your cheeks rather than sparkly blushes. I really would like to try other colors too, but I loved this! It just looks very natural and pretty. I think it will be great too in the mid of winter to give you that "just in from the cold" look. The packaging is a bit cheap, but that's not a deal breaker for me.

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NARS The Multiple - Cap Vert

Review by mworley00: Absolutely beautiful! A perfect bronzer for my tan nc30 skin. Sheer and buildable. similar to laguna with out the shimmer. I LOVE IT!!!!

Review by wunverdoll: In the tube, Cap Vert is the exact color of "suntan" pantyhose, and that's the way it applies on the back of my hand. On my face, a peachy tone emerges that eliminates the need for blush. I have light olive skin, and the warmth of Cap Vert gives me a lovely glow. It's subtle and blends well, but builds well too, so I can imagine it working for a range of skin tones. I love the fact that it contains no shimmer. My favorite stick bronzer has always been The Multiple in St. Barts, which is much cooler in tone than Cap Vert. But St. Barts is loaded with shimmer, and sometimes I don't want that much glow. Cap Vert makes the glow look like it's coming from within. On days when you want to look healthy and well rested but not made up, some concealer around the eyes and Cap Vert on the cheeks, nose. and forehead will do the trick.

Review by Stampy_76: I'm so glad I bought this. I was debating whether to get this or Tuomota. They are practically the exact same color. This one is just slightly darker. It can be used for contouring to give that mod or monochromatic look. It can also be used like a normal cream blush. The color is super flattering. It is totally matte, a warm muted light brown, sort of like the discontinued Puppy eyeshadow color from Stila. It emphasizes my tan and works with all different makeup looks. Will definitely repurchase!

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Maybelline Mineral Power Blush Fresh Plum

Review by andij: I had been very happy with my Cargo daily staple blush in Lyon, but since purchasing this blush on a whim at 40% off, it's all I've been reaching for.

Fresh Plum is a deeper reddish pink that looks very natural on my sometimes-tan GGG skin. Just as I apply BE Warmth, I just turn the container upside down (with the cap on), then turn it back right side up, unscrew the cap, and swirl my brush in whatever blush is left in the top of the cap. It is well pigmented, but it applies smoothly, without streaking at all, and is easy to blend, if needed. I like how it appears naturally luminous, as the name says, without being sparkly at all. And it lasts all day without fading!

Review by leeyao: So so sad....the Bismuth Oxychloride in this and the foundation broke me out and irritated my skin. Made me oily like every other mineral makeup with that ingredient. So sad. :(
I like EVERYTHING about this blush. I have the peach too, but it doesn't show up on me. I have grown to love this above all my other blushes. It looks very natural on me, lasts all day, and I love the fact that it's already in powder form since I am notorious for dropping and breaking my blushes. : ) I use the Mineral Power loose powder foundation as well. VERY happy.

Review by ciarar: This is my favorite of the mineral power blushes, only because it's the most vibrant! The shade is beautiful, it really pops on my tanned skintone. It looks different when applied, it's a vibrant pink with a hint of coral, not sure why it's called a "plum" shade, I don't think that's very accurate, at least not on my skin. The others all looked better suited to fairer skin, so if you are darker than an NC30, I would try this shade! Gorgeous! I love the whole mineral power powder line!

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