which blush is the best?3 recommended blushs review

By Elena

which blush is the best?Let's see the 3 recommended blushs review!


Jane Blushing Earth Sheer

Review by glossgal_01: This blush is almost identical to Nars Orgasm, although less glittery and somehow less sheer, too. I have both, and I like to use them together. This really gives a wonderful peachy glow, I could see myself using this almost daily. Definitely worth the 4 bucks!

Review by lizbert: Great blush! The color is close to Cargo Big Easy, but it's a bit brighter, therefore it's easier to show up when I am tan. This is quite peachier than Nars Orgasm. Overall good quality blush for the price, but not the nicest texture ever.

Review by franjipany: Im fair skinned with yellow undertones and this blush gives a wonderful pinky-peachy glow and does not break me out at all....love it

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MAC Sheertone shimmer Springsheen

Review by Caligirl42990: omg! just got this today and my friend gave it to me as a birthday gift. she is so awesome because she doesnt even buy mac for herself ahhh! i love this, its good for an everyday blush but the shimmer might not be a good thing for others but i love shimmer so this is great for me. in the store it looks peachy and more shimmery but once you have it, its actually pinky peach

Review by ckgurl714: Goes on quite a reddish coral but shimmers slightly gold in the light.
It's complimented well by Mac's 'Crosswires' lipstick which is also a slightly red coral.

Review by cloud0204: This is my favorite blush. It gives such a nice peachy sheen. Goes on evenly and blends well. I only need a little so the pot will last months even using it every day. Love it.

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Ramy Beauty Therapy Alive! Blush

Review by nemomemo: PROS: very silky powdered blush; COMMENTS: pinky peachy brown
pink blush with slight shimmer; can also be worn as eyeshadow

Review by bekkbekk1985: This is the product that got me wearing blush after my teenage goth stint. The color is gorgeous and healthy and manages to look more like a good night's sleep than actual makeup. I also like the cute little palm-size package. Three years later this is still my staple blush.

Review by Graceteix: I just met Ramy himself at the San Francisco Sephora, and he used this on me because he noticed that I had quite a bit of redness to my complexion. It really worked well for me and brightened my complexion without making me look like a clown. It added a nice, subtle glow and also looks great on my eyelids as well.

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