which blush is the best?3 best blushs compare

By Christina

which blush is the best?Let's see the 3 best blushs compare!


Shu Uemura Paradis Fluos in Pink Hibiscus

Review by beckibabe: I am Chanel #20, Armani LSF #4 and Pink Hibiscus leaves a faint candy pink glow to my cheeks. I love the sweet smell also.

Review by AutumnBliss: This blush does indeed have a fragrance, one that smells like flower petals. Depends if you like that kind of stuff. The packaging is super cheap-a plastic screw top and the blush is housed in a thin plastic bottom. The little puff, I must say, is adorable, and serves the use of the best way to apply this blush-dot on the apples of your cheeks for a sweet look. It's very pink, a pure pink that I'd say is for cool-toned people. All in all, not my personal favorite blush, but it's not bad. I don't reach for it often however.

Review by Olive143: This is an adoreable candy pink infused with gold specks, that I think would look good on everyone. Pop it on the apples of your cheeks to look like a sweet, summer doll.

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Tarte Cheek Stain Minis

Review by i_darling: I've tried all 3 of these minis (Flush, Tickled Peach and 'Putting on the Glitz) and love them all. I find them easier to apply than BeneTint - - you have more time to rub them in before they start drying, and because it's in stick form, you can dab it right onto your cheeks. The peachy and pinky colours are very pretty, natural looking. I'm not sure when I'll wear 'Putting on the Glitz as that is a clear one with tiny, tiny sparkles, but it's really pretty too.
*Update*: Have been using my LORAC cheek stain lately and must say that, compared to that one and my BeneTint, Tarte is the best simply because it's so much easier to apply and blend.

Review by kimmie578: I've been wanting to try a gel blush stick and decided these minis were perfect. I agree with everyone that they go on nicely and create a nice, faint flush. However, the peachy one is too orange, and the pinkey/rosey one is too blue-red for me. I have pale olive skin with pink (I know weird)and I look best in peachy-pinks, rather than something that is very orange or pink. Also, I can get the same effect with my Bonne Bell gel blush, which I ordered off the Bonne Bell website awhile back. They were a couple dollars each. They also tend to be too strong an orange or red or pink, but I tone them down with a shimmer highlighter, like Revlon Skinlights. I will be returning the Tarte minis.

Review by vengland: I had wanted to try a Tarte cheek stain for a long time, but could never decide which color, so when I saw the mini set, it was perfect! There are three stains: Flush, which is a strawberry scented pink-red, Putting on the Glitz, which is a sort of cookie batter smelling clear gel with glitter, and Tickled, which is a more orangey-red (I can't identify its scent--I've never been a huge berry fan). The two red colors are very pretty, but blend quickly, unless you're dressing up as Raggedy Ann. As for the glitzy one, I certainly wouldn't use it on my cheeks, but along the collarbone or decolletage it gives a subtle shimmer.

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L'Occitane Tinted Shea Butter

Review by Dimitra: My best friend who's in NY told me about L'Occitane and how shea butter works wonderfully for dry skin. I have combination skin and terrible acidity that make most makeup look dirty on my skin. She was actually raving about the Blackberry shade. So I went to the store to check it out. It was frighteningly dark on the can, but I tried it on. Wow, it looked good on my cheeks. Just like the healthy flush most people get after working out. Plus, it didn't make my skin break out despite the moisturizing benefits it has.
But then, I wouldn't want to use this on my lips. It appears to make my lips dark and wrinkly. I don't know why. But I'd use this for healthy rosy cheeks anytime! The little tub is great on the pocket for only Php645 and because of the heavy pigment, seems to me that it's gonna last a loooong time!!!

Review by roxiblue: i was so happy when i found this blush! it was reduced from around 17 (australian dollars) to about 5, and it's one of the prettiest natural pinks ever! i wear this to school and it makes me look bright and awake, even after a late night of studying. the lid, hoever, is annoying as it come off easily. and although it says it can be used as both a blush and a lipbalm, it is way to barbie-pink for lips and sort of smells like the cheap play make up your mum buys you as a child. i would not repurchase because i dont believe i will ever find it that cheap again. but as a blush, this is divine! i only wish that i had of bought the other colours :D

Review by JT14: These are AMAZING. I love how they don't dry out my skin, sit on top of the skin, or accentuate any flaws. They don't contain any shimmer or gloss, so each color just melts into your skin, creating a very beautiful veil of color that leaves you looking au naturally flushed/bronzed/contoured. I have the Wild Rose, Peach, and Honey though all the colors are extremely wearable because of how sheer they are.

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