which blush is good?3 recommended blushs

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By Helen

which blush is good?Let's see the 3 recommended blushs !


Smashbox Untamed Creamy Cheek Color

Review by navarre: I usually use MAC products but when I got my makeup done they used smashbox and I had to buy this cheek color. I am fair skinned and it works great on me. I was worried that it was going to be to dark but when applied it was very very light!

Review by zhenya: This is a great bronzer, but where I bought it (on a Swedish website) it's marketed as a blush that will give you summery rosy cheeks, that however isn't true - it's a bronzer :)
And as a bronzer it truely works wonders! Blends like a dream, buildable and best of all - a color that seems to work for anyone and everybody(!)
Hands down the best bronzer I''ve used. I can highly recommend it to anyone without feeling bad the slightest :)

Review by kitkat85: This is a very natural looking warm color that I think is suitable for any skin tone. The texture is creamier than any of my other cream blushes. It's quick and easy to apply. Will definitely repurchase.

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New York Color Color Wheel Mosaic Powder in Peach Glow

Review by catlover9_9: For a 5 blush this is amazing it gives me natural looking color and blends really well. will definitly buy again!

Review by stellaluna2: HG Blush!!!! I am not kidding. This is one of the best blushes I have tried and believe me I have tried ALOT!!!! For ref, I am NC35 and this gives me the best glow ever. This is what I wanted NARS Orgasm to be but I couldn't stand the shimmer in it. Not only is the color perfect but the price is ridiculously cheap. I can buy 5 of these for the price of one NARS blush. Awesome!!!! You also need to check the Rose Glow, equally great.

Review by tetrakis: I have medium skin so it doesn't have as bold of an effect as it does on fair skin but I still love it.
It gives my face a nice warm barely there flush. The powder is very smooth and goes on nicely. It also allows for layering without looking cakey. When I want a no-blush day but still want some color in my face I apply this to apples of my cheek.
Only con is the packaging. It's just blah.

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NYX Mosaic Powder - Latte

Review by shimmering: Very useful as a matte bronzer/facecolor for medium/fair skin. Try using Latte as a neutral eyeshadow also. It is very nice, and i think i will use it mostly as an everyday e/s :-) Update 02.06.2010: I`m going to run out of this one as I`ve been reaching for it almost every day as a bronzer/facecolor this winter. Very forgiving, and I love its versatility as a neutral eyeshadow too. Definately repurchase!

Review by London84: I?d been quite skeptical this products being so cheap until I actually tried it on my skin. Now, I have to admit this is another winner from NYX! Although I have MAC mineralize skinfinsh (Medium Dark) for contouring, I seldom reach it lately.
This product is almost matte and doesn?t give you any glittery shine, which is ideal for the use of contouring. I don?t see any differences between MSF and this particular Mosaic powder in terms of staying-power and pigmentation. Moreover, the NYX one, comprised of four different shades, allows you to be more creative.
Well, if I have to find a drawback in it, the packaging looks and feels cheap, but hey, it is actually cheap! If you're looking for a good contouring powder, give it a try!

Review by dlbd2k06: Amazing product. I was looking for an American version of Kanebo Kate's ex4 for nose contouring. Works very well. Also can use as a neutral e/s, face contouring Definitely part of my daily routine.
I tried some of the other Mosaic powders, rosey, love, dare, and peachy. I LOVE em!! Super cheap too. I get it at my local beauty wholesaler for 4.00. Can't beat that.

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