which blush is good?3 popular blushs review

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By Monica

which blush is good?Let's see the 3 popular blushs review!


NARS Amour

Review by nemomemo: Great product. It's one of my favorite blushes from NARS! Packaging is again wonderful with a little mirror included. Pricewise, a little steep but considering how long it lasts, it's alright, but definitely one of the more expensive blushes on the market.
I love using this in the summer most of the time. MMM skin!

Review by IiIy: This is my HG. Gives a natural, matte, subtle pinkish-rose glow. I gently press the side of my ecotools blush brush onto amour, tap off lightly, then sweep onto my apples + blend into my temple. It's extremely pigmented, so I barely need to use any, and it'll last a long time. I love it more than my other blushes because it looks SO natural, but it still makes a big difference from my natural color. I'll be using this everyday for school.

Review by Susie31: The colour is lovely, matches my natural cheek colour perfectly. I also like its being matte. But the thing is it is so pigmented it makes the application fairly complicated. I've tried a number of brushes, ending up with a stippling brush, but still I need to be very careful not to exaggerate. For many people high pigmentation is an advantage, for me it means risk of looking clownish. But I like the blush nonetheless.

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Sleek Flamingo Blush

Review by Leelee57: Anything that prevents me from spending 27 or up on a Nars blush and is just as good - if not, better - then I'm all for it! These Sleek blushes do the job! Used with a light hand, this particular shade brightens my face! I have another Sleek blush in Scandalous and bought that one because I was craving Nars' Exhibit A but just couldn't justify the price. That shade is an EXACT DUPE! I don't know what Flamingo dupes but either way, it's a wonderful shade and these blushes can go toe-to-toe with Nars in as far as staying power and pigmentation, also! Love these blushes!

Review by shimmering: This blush is amazing. Vivid bright corally pink with a satin finish, I saw it in a Pixiwoo vid and rushed out to buy it. It's the blush on the right in the pic above. It is extraordinarily pigmented for a d/s blush, really comparable to a NARS blush imo. I use a skunk brush to apply lightly, otherwise I look like I have weird sunburn! Really beautiful when buffed in lightly, together with a bronzer to contour I look like I've been to a tropical beach, I don't know how else to describe the sultry glow it gives. I have 3 of these blushes but on my fair skin this is by far my favourite. And at £3.29 each they are an absolute bargain.

Review by Ellz: As always sleek have great pigmented products for very good prices. I bought this blush on a recent trip to Liverpool seen as i cant get sleek here in Ireland. I have to say i love it ! Its so pigmented a little really goes a long way on my Nc15 skin . And for £3.99 it was a steal !

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Illamasqua Panic

Review by sophie_tan: Just like the reviewer before me, I have very pale skin, but I bought this anyway. I have always wanted a bright red blush, and now I have one! I use this after applying all my makeup (including a lighter blush or bronzer), and just apply a small amount to the apples of my cheeks and kind of blend it out. It looks beautiful, like I just walked in from the cold (in a good way). I indicated that I would buy this again, but I use so little each time that I can't imagine ever running out! I love this blush!

Review by sophie_tan: Such a gorgeous color! I went into the Sephora on Hollywood Boulevard with Nars' Exhibit A on my wishlist. However, the moment I saw Illamasqua's Panic powder blusher, I immediately fell in love. While Exhibit A swatched as more of a burnt orange-red, Panic swatched as a true cherry red, almost blood red even. While the shade is frightening in the pan, it is beautiful on your cheeks. If used with EXTREME CAUTION it will give your cheeks an absolutely gorgeous and healthy flush that will last all day. It does have a matte finish, but you can easily dab on a bit of a highlighter on your cheek bones to give you more of a glow. This blush is gorgeous and I will have to take photos of it. Next time you're in Sephora, don't be afraid to try this out.

Review by tippygirl: This is my third Illamasqua blush and I love it!
I'm paper white and this is a gorgeous snow white glow! It is the most pigmented blush I've owned and can easily be overdone. I barely tap a small skunk brush on the product and press on my cheek then buff it in with a bigger blush brush. Beautiful!
The quality of these blushes is amazing! Very fine, not powdery and lasts ALL DAY even on my oily skin. Don't be afraid of this color if you're fair. :)

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