which blush is good?3 popular blush reviews

By Vicky

which blush is good?Let's see the 3 popular blush reviews!


Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks - Flushed Pink

Review by meeshmu: I really really like this. Of all the pot rouges, it was the only color that seemed as though it would be flattering on both cheeks and lips (the paler ones are great on my cheeks but too pale on my lips, and the opposite is true of the darker ones). I have fairly unpigmented lips and have always envied those who have naturally pigmented lips. This is the best color I've ever found to mimic naturally pigmented lips: rosy with a touch of coral. It's quite a nice color on my cheeks as well, once I figured out how to apply it. I'm not crazy about having to carry around a lipbrush for reapplication, though, and do wish BB would make this shade into a lipstick.

Review by tetrakis: I really love BB's Pot Rouge. I love that it is a jar which is iwde enough for you to swipe it with your fingers without getting them in your nails. I love this colour. Its a cross between coral and pink and gives my NC30 skin the loveliest flush. I have 5 pot rouges now and I want more!

Review by kit_kat68: Nine pot rouges, and counting. This is a nice bright pink-red that looks exactly like the colour my face turns when I am peeved off. Ha! Not exactly flattering, but the same great quality. Next please.

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Illamasqua Cream Blusher - Rude

Review by amystar: This is an amazing cream blush, it is my first cream blush and i am hooked!! its so pigminted and easy to apply ... love it i also apply Lover on top of it to set and seal ... but over all .. worth the money and you get alot of product too! if i ever run out of this ( which i dont think i will) but i will for sure buy again!

Review by AutumnBliss: I would say this is straight orange in the pan rather than coral/peach, but over my skin tone is transforms into a fresh pretty coral. The texture is the nicest I've ever encountered in a cream blush..very lotiony and buttery, blends like a dream! It also makes a BEAUTIFUL lipstick, which is my favorite way to wear it - it brightens my entire face while looking completely natural and moisturizing my lips rather than drying them out as most cream blushes tend to. BUT, Ben Nye creme rouge in Coral is VERY similar..only more waxy in consistency and a bit more bright/pigmented. I would still repurchase because the the texture is to die for.

Review by aml1: I have never used illamasqua products but if this blush is much to go by ill definately be purchasing more. I love cream blushes. I have dry skin and find that they dont dry me out and have great staying power. Previous to this I have tried mac, which i loved and bobbi brown which i liked a lot too and quite a few good and not so good drugstore brands. This my be my HG though. I just love the buttery consistancy, prettier than pretty colour 9a bright peachy coral) and the fact that a little goes a looooonnnnggg way. And the packaging is divine. I love this product I would definatly recommend and repurchase. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

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Pixi Cheek Gel Blush

Review by cyndiinphilly: If only if only I had some cash!
I was over at my friends house, and Kinda rummaging through her gynormous makeup CASES and stumbled upon this, I usually dont wear blush but i'm adventerous and GEL blush just sounds like fun, she showed me how to apply it and it was so cute.
It stayed for a while
Nice color
DIdnt Cakeup like some of the other blushes ( Cheaper brands..)

Review by ninanina: have this in "flushed" - produces a nice, believable, subtle "out in the cold, red cheeked" color for my brunette, brown eyes, med. skin tone - - like that it's a gel and love that it's in a tube. price is bit much, but a little goes a long way. don't think this lasts very long, or to the end of the day, but it's not a prob for me to reapply.
Edit: just purchased this in SUNKISSED and it's pretty awesome. Nice, believable glow..... not overdone and of course never looks like actual makeup - like powders..... lasting power is still less than stellar, but it's better than others i've used.

Review by oopsygirl: I am a big fan of gel blushes as they look more natural on my very fair skin. When L'Oreal discontinued its Translucide blush I was heartbroken. Well, thank goodness Pixi arrived and since it lasts forever I've paid the 18 twice at Target (though I'll try Ebay next time). I like Rosy, it makes me look healthy and flushed but not TOO flushed. A little goes a very long way, it blends well, and lasts all day. The tube is portable and I feel safe with it in my makeup bag. Definitely a HG product!

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