which blush is good?3 popular blush compare

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By Marcella

which blush is good?Let's see the 3 popular blush compare!


Hard Candy Fox in a Box Spicy & Sweet

Review by andij: Love this blush! Made my NC15 skin so warm and peachy. The box it's in is so cute! Will definitely repurchase. PS--I used the brush that it came with and got good results :)

Review by lipstickcrazy: I love this blush! Great bright color, and I love the little bit of added bronzer that helps blend it with your skin tone. The brush that it comes with is little and dinky, but that's to be expected. Super cute packaging and I love the name!

Review by cyndiinphilly: Love this! I had been lusting after Benefit's Sugarbomb for ages, and was psyched when I spotted this knock-off at WalMart. I am...idk...paler than anything MAC has, and it came off as a sheer bright pink on me.
It has a little frost to it, and the brush is weedy and flimsy, which are the only things I don't like about it.

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Stila Marigold Convertible Color

Review by cperry: Just to start off with saying...I really really wanted to love this product. I absolutely love love stila convertible colors. I have very acne prone skin and they do not break me out, they apply smoothly and blend very well. My issue with this bronzing duo is that it turns orange on me. The shimmery gold half when applied applies blotchy and streaky. Also, it looks like a dark rusty gold color on me which is not flattering. The matte brown half applies well but it turns orange on my skin. All in all, not a great product--for me. I was able to buy it cheap on the internet. If you want to try it out, just don't pay too much for it.

Review by rebec75: A bronze duo with a matte side and a shimmer side, like all the cc's this is beautifully packaged, easy to use, blendable and creamy. I haven't used it a ton b/c I'm not into a lot of bronzer in the winter-time lol but will bring it on vacation and use as soon as the sun starts to shine! The brown is also just a good contour color, but I prefer peony as a contour.

Review by Carrie: I love this!
I love the consistency, the pigmentation, and the bleandability.
One side is a shimmery coppery gold. The other side is a matte dark brown.
I generally use the brown as a contour for my cheeks and nose. I then use the gold as a highlighter right above the contour on my cheeks.
I also love the packaging; super cute with gold and flowers! I also adore the giant mirror! So convenient!
My only complaint packaging-wise is that sometimes when I open it I dig my fingers into the product and then I'm mad at myself.
I plan on buying alot more covertible colors!

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Prescriptives Mystick Swivel

Review by sleepyone: This is a gorgeous cream blush that lasts. Great for drier skin types. Woman is the perfect your cheeks but better and rosier shade.

Review by jules2064: I love all the mystic swivels. The colors are always interesting and bright, but very sheer so they give you a lovely flush. I love how the consistency is light and you can feather/press it on and it doesn't give you any greasy shine.

Review by redheadjane: Why oh why have these been discontinued. I hoarded all I could find on ebay and am still using them (Racy and Woman).
Good thing I discovered Tarte cheek stains when these were discontinued so I had some new cheek colors to be excited about. (Don't get me wrong, Mysrtick Swivel is quite different to tarte stains, not shiny but matte. Works better with powder imho).
I'll miss these when I run out.

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