which blush is good?3 good blushs reviews

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which blush is good?Let's see the 3 good blushs reviews!


NYX NYX Rouge Cream Blush - Golden

Review by stephanie32082: I always hate to be a party pooper for products, but this product just didn't do anything for me. I am very very pale and i simply don't like obvious shimmer in my blush. This blush has in my opinion, very obvious shimmer. If i stand in the light you can clearly see golden shimmery bits on my cheeks which i terribly dislike. I was hoping for something much more subtle. I also don't see the "peach" in this blush unlike other reviewers. It's just a sheer muddy brown on my skin. If i apply a little bit i don't get much color payoff (even though i'm so pale), just glitter/shimmer and if i apply more the color is a) not flattering, b) super shimmery. Staying power is good but i will probably never reach for this product at all. If you don't like shimmer on your face, stay far away from this.

Review by meeshmu: I have NYX's cream blushes in Golden and Natural, both are great. As others have said, 'Golden' is a misnomer as its a natural pinkish beige with a very slight shimmer. I've got neutral fair skin and strawberry blonde hair and its about the most natural colour blush i've ever found.
I apply mine with my fingertips and like most NYX products, it is a good safe cheap but great quality cream blush that rivals its expensive cousins. Definitely worth buying.

Review by kimby83: This is a really great product. It's a dusty natural rose with a little bit of gold shimmer. The texture is very creamy and blendable, but it doesn't feel too heavy on my skin. It also doubles as a nice lipstick. It's great for the price, and the packaging is sleek and portable. I've heard that it fits in a Mac blushpan and is easily depotable - but I can't confirm or deny, as I don't do any depoting. I would love to try more colors, but many of them looked too bold for my extra-pale cool toned skin.

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Lily Lolo Mineral Blush

Review by blacklittlepig: I really wanted to like this product as I have fallen madly in love with Lily Lolo foundation, eyeshadow and finishing powder, but all of the samples I have tried just don't suit me at all. I've tried Juicy Peach, Sweet Cheeks, Cupcake, Doll Face, and Cocoa Berry and I think the time has come to give up now. They all just look so.....orange on me. Really bright orange. Cocoa Berry is not so orange but still really didn't suit me. I would consider buying a full size of Doll Face as this is the only colour I've tried that didn't make me look stupid. It is very sparkly and not too orange - I probably won't get round to buying it though as I'd rather save my money for something that I really like. I still love this company but unfortunately I guess the blush just isn't for me.

Review by bobsy: I bought Lily Lolo blusher in Rosy Apple, Finishing powder in Flawless Silk and a sample of PeepO concealer about a month ago. I am pleased that the concealer, despite being a tiny amount has lasted me after wearing it every day.
I love the dinky little pots Lily Lolo products come in! They are really sweet and girly. The thing I really have to remember with the blusher and finishing powder is not to use very much at all, or it looks cakey and orange. The concealer has good coverage but is light and I don't have to reapply during the day. The blush in Rosy Apple is lovely when you apply the right amount. Unfortunately I avoid the finishing powder on most days - the risk of looking orange is too great. Hope this helps :)

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I have sample sizes of Rosebud, Candy Girl and Ooh La La. They last forever as you only need a tiny bit (and I am pretty generous with blush colour, I like having noticably pink cheeks). I find Rosebud quite a classic colour, it is a little dark for me but I am quite pale (Blondie foundation). Candy Girl is pretty and girly, very shimmery. Ooh La La is my new favourite, pink but much peachier than Candy Girl.
All of them buff in beautifully and last all day.

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Revlon Golden Affair Sculpting Blush- Rose Rapture

Review by cosmokid: I love this, I got it cheap in a Kirks sale but would now pay for price if I need another. Its a lovely colour and not shiney and gold like I first thought, I have very pale skin and it is the perfect colour I use it most days. I use a soft blush brush and sweep over my cheeks, its great!

Review by Viognier: Very nice pink color.. not too bright or pastel.. kinda like a medium rose. I wear this almost every day.. it's very flattering on my pale self.. hehe. I got Naughty Spce too and it's very nice as well.. but more of a fall color.... RR seems more universal IMHO.

Review by taurusgurl5984: I love the look of this on my pailer skin wen I want a little bt moe colour, usually when i go out. I didnt give it a four because when I first bought it I thought it would have more gold through it. Im still happy with the amount of gold that does go on. I have bough the peachy keen one which is really amazing. I wouldnt buy again just because I have so many I wouldnt need to.

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