which blush is good?3 easy to use blushs

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By Sara

which blush is good?Let's see the 3 easy to use blushs !


NYX Mosaic Powder in Truth

Review by bobsy: I've been eyeing this a long while and needless to say, when the NYX sale came, I willing splurged.
I really like this and I use it as a blush (with a light hand) and it gives me beautiful bronzy-gold cheeks without looking dirty or sunburnt. =)
I also use the different colours as eyeshadows and they work wonderfully!
For such an inexpensive and multi-purpose product, I'm proud to have it!

Review by LuiLui: I am not going to reach a lot for this bronzer. The finish is not glittery or shimmery, but almost metallic. It gives my skin a very weird and unatural "glow". The color itself is lovely, not too dark and not too light for fair/medium skintones. Stayingpower, pigmentation and packaging are great (as always with the NYX blushes).

Review by redheadjane: My perfect bronzer!!! I love this Mosaic powder from NYX because I've been looking for the perfect bronzer and I finally found it! I like how in the pot is very shimmery and looks glittery but when applied, you won't see any trace of shimmer or glitter at all. It applies smoothly, not powdery at all and very pigmented. Some of the colors in this mosaic can also be used as an eyeshadow when you want to achieve a bronzy eyes look.
I will definitely buy this again just because it's really very affordable! You can't beat it!!!

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Cover Girl Cheekers Blush in Brick Rose

Review by amystar: I really wanted to like this product. It is a beautiful natural-looking pink with absolutely no glitter! Plus, it goes on smooth.
Unfortunately, the smell was just too overpowering and gross for me. I am on the hunt for a blush exactly like this without the smell.

Review by Cordelia: I've been using this product for years, it works and looks great! The brush is small and pretty useless, so I buy that separately. Overall a great product!

Review by kjjamm808: This is my signiture color! Maybelline has a "Brick Rose" too, but I stll prefer this one since it doesn't have any glitter! this is one color that will suit almost every skin tone, I always get told that I have such a beautiful natural pink flush, but I keep this my little secret. a definite must try! 5 lippies for this one ¢?

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Lauren Hutton Aqua Elements Loose Mineral Blush

Review by Olive143: Product is ok--color is a nice neutral and is pretty on the skin but it turned darker on me as day went on. Compact is very nice looking but impossible to use without making a huge mess. When you take the stopper out of the blush holes, blush goes everywhere. Then you are to put the stopper back in the blush when done using--again poofs of blush. Had to reclean my bathroom; huge mess! If you like loose mineral blushes there are better compacts/containers and just as good formulas from other companies. Pass.

Review by GreeneyedGal: I really liked this product. I have tried several mineral powder blushes, but they all had too much pigment and would not look natural on me -- even when I used very little, blended a lot, used skunk brush, etc. As a more mature woman who doesn't use or like the look of too much makeup, this is the first blush I would repurchase. I do agree that the packaging could be better, less messy.

Review by sophie_tan: This is the only blush that doesn't settle into my crinkle lines. It is very matte, and the colors are very soft (light pinkish coral, or a more medium coral for the pink and yellow choices). I have both the pink and yellow colors so that I can have a very subtle look, more dramatic look, or just mix them together. I transferred the powder into a BE refillable compact and it is now super easy to use.
If you find that other blushes age you (with too much shine and pigment), then you will love this one. It actually makes you look younger and very natural! This is the only blush that I use now.

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