which beauty tools is good?3 good beauty tools

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By Fiora

which beauty tools is good?Let's see the 3 good beauty tools !


Superdrug Clarity Shine Control Paper

Review by Alexis: This overall is a great product.. but because it's in a book-type form, I sometimes find it hard to remove and i would prefer it to be in individual sheets.
As for the price, it's very reasonable.. for the amount of blotting sheets.
The red powder stays on my skin after blotting so I find that part displeasing.

Review by runtagua: These are awesome! I have extremely oily skin and these absorb oil so well that I only need to use 1 - 2 sheets per day. With other oil blotting sheets, I have to use approximately 4 - 6 per day. I wish these were sold in the US. I will have to stock up on these on my next trip to London.

Review by julie9536: These are fantastic!!
The powdery coating on the papers really do soak up all the excess oil without taking too much of your makeup off.
Unfortunately the clarity range is being discontinued in my nearest branch so I'm stocking up as they are only 49p at moment!!
The clarity moisturiser for shine control is also fantastic. Its the best moisturiser i've ever used and its down to only 79p!! Ive tried really expensive brands in the past which do not compare to this!
Will be gutted if this range is being discontinued for good even online as it is the only range that ive used which has helped my very oily, pore ridden skin :-(

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Tweezerman Foot Rasp

Review by ninanina: This gets a 4 instead of a 5 because I find it hard to hold onto and because it pops apart. Otherwise, this is a truly indispensible tool. I bought one at the beginning of Summer 2005 because my feet had deep cracks in them that were collecting dirt and looking really awful. After diligently using this tool 1-2x a week after a shower/bath, those cracks are GONE. I recommend purchasing spare blades and changing them often. You can flip the blade over and use both sides, so the blades go a long way, but this tool works best with a fresh, sharp blade, so don't skimp.

Review by redheadjane: Looks and sounds dangerous -- but it's really not! A small razor blade is used inside this tool to scrape against WET feet to remove dry skin, callouses, etc. Replacement razors are sold too. I needed a little extra help with my heels, and this product has been doing the job of removing the dry/calloused skin in that area. I'll definitely keep this up!

Review by JT14: A must have for pretty feet, IMO. This really does a good job at removing tough dry skin at the bottom of feet, and works exceptionally well when used straight out of the bath or shower. Used in combo w/ a really great foot cream (I like Palmer's Shea Butter cream myself) this is the softest my feet have ever been in my adult life ;)

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Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Review by cperry: i have tried both the shiseido curler and the shu uemura curler and i have to say that i like the shiseido better. it is both cheaper and does the job better. it can reach all my lashes and create soft curls. it is better than many of the cheaper drugstore lash curlers, which leave more of a crimp than a curl.

Review by quantumkitten: No pinching, pulling or pain! Hands down, the BEST eyelash curler I have ever used! (Shu Uemura, move over!)

Review by Dimitra: Like some other reviewers, I also have Asian eyes, with stick straight lashes that are so goddamn stubborn and won't curl! However, I bought the Shiseido curler yesterday and tried it (without mascara), went to bed and woke up.. and my curl was still perfectly in place! This curler also fits my eye perfectly, and it doesn't pinch my skin or anything. The price actually wasn't all that expensive, I was expecting it to be around the same as the Shu curler, but it wasn't so that was great.
I love this curler, it's great!

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